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5/3/1 - 2 or 3 Day Split, One Day Just Bodyweight Workout?


Hi folks,

I have just started doing the 531 program after not doing weights for a couple of years due to a couple of injuries. I am thinking of doing a 2 day split with squat & bench 531 one day and deadlift & press 531 another day and doing pull ups and a core exercise after. I also want to do a body weight workout once a week aswell, does a 2 day weight, 1 day body weight split sound reasonable or would I not be leaving myself enough recovery time? Would a 3 day split of the big lifts be better and incorporate body weight exercises as my assistance work?

If anyone has any feedback or experience of this hearing from you would be greatly appreciated, cheers


Trust the program.

Do, as is for a few cycles, get your bearing then read up on anchors.


You can but you’re then not doing 5/3/1 and won’t get the results of 5/3/1.


It sounds reasonable. Read the “Training For Busy Men” article that Wendler wrote for this site.

It covers the main lifts and has an optional third day build in that is assistance.