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5/3/1 2 Days Per Week, Bodyweight Training, and BJJ

Hi all, just after some feedback on my plan to start some weight training using 531.

I’m 39yo and have been doing bodyweight/calisthenics training most recently and running a little.

About a month ago I returned to to BJJ training after having 2 kids and not training for about 4 years. Now that I’ve joined the BJJ gym which was a great lifting setup I’m looking to get back into weight training for the first time since I was about 21yo.

Goals: Stay strong and healthy, build base running conditioning, maintain and develop some of my calisthenics skills (e.g. ring muscle ups, tuck planche push-ups etc.), train BJJ just for fun not to compete

Training schedule:
Mon: Morning - Weights 531 A
Tue: Evening - BJJ
Wed: Morning - Run around 5k using Maffetone Method (Under 140bpm)
Thurs: Evening - BJJ
Fri: Morning - Run around 5k using Maffetone Method (Under 140bpm)
Sat: Weights 531 B
Sun: Rest

I’m using the Strength and Conditioning Template off the Five3One android app but have modified the plan slightly and dropped Bench (I find bench a bit boring and also find it has little carry over to the the bodyweight movements), replacing the 531 Bench sets with Ring Dips and the Second Set Last sets with Push-ups.

Plan is:
Workout A:

  • Squat 531 Sets x3
  • Squat SSL Sets x3
  • Ring Dips Sets x3
  • Push-ups Sets x5 (Paired with:)
  • Barbell Row Sets x 5

Workout B:

  • Deadlift 531 Sets x3
  • Deadlift SSL Sets x3
  • OHP 531 Sets x3
  • OHP SSL Sets x 5 (Paired with:)
  • Chin-ups

Anyone have any feedback on this plan or anything they would change? I’m starting light as a new lifter and have been through both sessions once and found them great and a lot of fun. In and out of the gym in around 50mins too.

Thanks, much appreciated.

It should be fine. Just don’t try to use the bench press sets/reps/percentages with the dips and push-ups. Those should be programmed like assistance exercises not main movements.

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Yep looks totally fine

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Thanks heaps for the feedback, good to hear I’m on the right track.

I got linked to this 531/MMA article too and although my BJJ training is pretty minimal it was a great read and the ideas transfer well.

Really enjoying getting into lifting. Body feels great :+1:

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The Krypteia version from 5/3/1 for MMA is, as our Australian counterparts would say, “Fucking Oath!” It’s what I’ve been basing my training around since last summer and absolutely love it.