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5/3/1 1.1 5x3 Deadlift Question

Hey Jim,

I have been running the 1.1 scheme for two weeks, and have been loving it so far. I noticed recently that I did not pay attention closely to the program, and since both bench, squat and OHP have a 5x5 scheme at 75% on their “light” days, I have done the same with deadlift. After re-reading it more closely, I saw the deadlift is prescribed as 5x3 on the light day. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects to doing the 5x5.

I was just wondering what the rationale behind doing 5x3 with the same percentage everything else uses 5x5 was? I pull sumo, so I was thinking if overtaxing the lower back was the concern, that’s why I wasn’t feeling any negative effect from doing an extra two sets.

Thanks for helping me kick my analysis paralysis in the ass and getting back to the basics of getting strong.

First of all, do it as prescribed. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Jim knows a hell of a lot more than you do.
So start wondering about whether to do 3 or 5 sets of deadlifts after you’ve been sticking to the program for a reasonably long amount of time. Months, I’d say.

From what I have heard and read so far, most people do best with a lower DL volume (compared to other lifts) because it’s by far the most taxing for the CNS.
That being said, there are people that can handle more frequent DLing and/or DL volume. But again, you gotta stick with something for a long time keeping all variables constant in order to figure out how you respond with lower/higher DL volume.

Less stress on the lower back - plain and simple.

Sev, I did not intentionally not follow the program. I simply read it too quickly and assumed wrong.

Thanks for clearing that up Jim. I did notice some tightness there and will do it right at 5x3 now

[quote]Invictus41 wrote:
Sev, I did not intentionally not follow the program. I simply read it too quickly and assumed wrong. [/quote]

No, I know. I might have come off a bit “unfriendly”, but I didn’t mean to.
But I also know two things for sure:
1.) The body’s response to a change in diet, training regiment, rest, etc. is slow.
2.) …and it is dependent on so many factors it makes the whole thing so hard to figure out at times.

Point is, it IS easy to get lost. Hence so many confused souls wasting so much time BSing around. As did I for a looong time.

Anyway, I think Jim really helps people focus on what matters, cause in all that confusion there are principles that just seem to work and make sense.

(Slightly off-topic? Maybe, I’m tired :smiley: )