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5/2 During a Bulk Phase?

Hey Coach Paul,

I am getting quite attracted by the concept of a 5/2 diet plan. I would like to know if it is a good idea to use it during a period when muscle gain, and not fat loss, is a priority? In case it is, how much above maintainence should one go on the 5 non-fasting days?

For reference, I am around 12% bodyfat with a decent amount of muscle, but with quite enough room for improvement.

Best regards,


I would never use any kind of fasting approach like this when trying to grow. Having days or big blocks of time where you’re not eating isn’t conducive to building more lean muscle tissue.

Understood. Thank you very much for the response.

Hi Paul, just wondering if you manipulate your diet at all depending on which stage of the SSP you are in ? I was thinking of using the shield as more of a “bulking” phase and the S&S as a bit of a lean up.
Be interesting to know your thoughts.
I’m currently running two blocks of the shield followed by one S&S, then repeat.

I would use The Shield phase if you were in a more “cutting phase” because you can manipulate the intensities with the main movements to fit your energy levels and still hit the right rep range.

If you’re in a caloric surplus then run the S&S because it’s more pure hypertrophy based.

Cheers Paul. Have you got any updates on your 5/2 project ? Will it fit in nicely with the SSP ?

Man the timing of you asking about this is crazy. I was literally sitting here on day 1 of the 60 hour fast thinking I need to get this rolled out. It’s very different than the SSP but Thibs used it exclusively to get into shape very quickly and I am thinking I will go ahead and implement it this week after this 60 hours are done.

I may even open a FB group for those interested in it.


Hey Paul

60 hour fast, man keep us in the loop in regards to how that pans out, and how you implement it into your overall training and nutrition plan.

I’m fasting (24 hours) 3 times per week and love it

Nice one brother

Moog (Mike)