5/2 Diet Method - Early AM Training

I’ve been reading up on the 5/2 Diet itself, not just by TC but from some other sources for well and I’m interested in implementing it. I train more powerlifting style (531) and I train M/W/F, so fasting on Tue & Thu seems to fit right in. What I’m unsure of is that my training is very early morning. I wake-up about 3:30am to 3:45am, have some coffee, do mobility work, and I’m at the gym by 5am; I train fasted. To this point I’ve never noticed a drop in performance between fasted and non-fasted training (~2 years of fasted training). However, with 5/2 on my Wed and Fri sessions I’m essentially not eating anything the day before and I’m concerned that my workouts will suck. I’m not sure that I have time to eat anything before training, aside from maybe a serving or two of Dextrose. That’s where I’m looking for feedback, what to do pre-workout, if anything? Thanks - J

On Wednesday, start your fast at 7pm (ie. Finish dinner by 7PM)

Fast until Thursday 7PM and have a meal that evening (ie. Start eating anytime after 7PM).

Eat again after training as you do now.

You still fit the parameters for the regime then. It is just slightly offset.

With the 5/2 plan from TC there’s a 400 Cal meal in the morning and 400 Cal meal 12 hours later. So you’re saying to have fasting meal 1 at 7am, and fasting meal 2 at 7pm? Just for my clarification. Thanks