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5/2 Diet & Built for Battle

Hi coach - would the 5/2 diet work well for leaning out a bit during the built for battle program, but keeping performance? The 2 fasting days would be on the off days, and it would be a 24 hour fast going from dinner the night before until dinner at the end of the off day.

I’ve been a fasting follower for some time and am currently doing CT’s programme using a 5:2 protocol. I actually fast for 30 or so hours twice weekly (as in total fast but see below) with no adverse affects. This includes fasting on one workout day (though I do use ex ketones pre workout).

How’s that been for you? I’ve done a once per week fast consistently but never twice peek at that length.

It’s fairly managable as long as your environment (understanding family, friends, etc) is set up to handle the routine. You also need to be mindful of rebounding on the other days. I have also moved to an OMAD-style diet, so my calorie intake begins late afternoon/early evening (apart from a weekend lunch) to help guard against excessive consumption. In terms of training, low volume high frequency routines are ideal. Overall, I would say it is very useful if health, longevity and fat loss are the priority.

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