5/2 Diet Athlete Lean/Strong

Hi Christian I hope you are doing well today. I wanted to ask a question about incorporating the 5/2 diet with your athlete lean/strong program. Is it something you’ve done yourself or had success with your other athletes? Any tips or tricks you might have to optimize the approach?

Funny you ask. I used that approach (5/2 diet + a program similar to athlete lean… actually that was what inspired my article). She won the two competitions she did in large part because she was by far the leanest competitior.

That’s great to hear. If it was good enough for one of your clients it’s definitely good enough for me. I’ve got more then enough mag-10 stocked up so might as well give the 5/2 diet a whirl. Is it better to do the 2 days at any particular time in the week. I realize not on training days but would doing it the day after a hard training day not be a great idea either? Or am I just over thinking it.

One last thing. I know in the past you’ve shared a lot of your nutritional protocols from the pulse feast to the carb cycling codex to the old anaconda stacking system. If there any nutrition plan or nutrition rules you follow more now? Or does that change significantly along with what training program you are on? I mostly ask because there are numerous training programs to follow on the site and many including your own Ive done at some point in time, but the overall nutrition plans seem to be fewer and far between. I know over the years you’ve remade your own body and dealt with some serious health issues. Any snap shot into your daily nutrition would be greatly appreciate, especially as I look to overall myself as well. Went from 370 pounds several years ago down to 215 (at 6ft 2)