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5.12.06 Quote of the Day


All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring. -- Chuck Palahniuk

That's the dumbest quote I've ever read. How is that motivational? It's offensive and childish.


I thought it might be a line from one of his novels, but a quick search doesn't seem to suggest that.

With that in mind, the quote is a little out of place, although the sentiment is that one needs to keep trying new things and striving.

Kind of like Jowett's famous quote (which really should be on that list if it hasn't been already): "Growth is the law of nature and progression is the law of growth."


Have you ever read any of his work? You might find it more amusing.


That's Chuck Palahniuk (great author by the way). I really don't see it as offensive or childish, though. Not much different from what TC wrote in today's article, actually: have courage to do things, and don't just fall in line. Stand out.


Since when is strong words supposed to be motivational? What's the matter -- lead a boring life?

[edit]How the hell is it offensive?


There does seem to be a fair amount of confusion about the "Powerful Image" and the "Strong Words". I take the Strong Words to be controversial, something that makes you think, potentially inspirational or just flat out in your face. Today was probably the last one of that list, but hey, that's OK. We all need to be shaken up every now and again.


Actually, it expresses my philosophy pretty accurately. God does not intervene in human affairs. You have Free Will and are in control of your own life. I think Albert Einstein also had the same philosophy. Pretty darn motivational in my book.


It's funny that no one complained last time this quote was posted, since it is a rerun. I, personally think it's a great quote.


I agree. That guy has some incredible books and interesting ideas. I like that quote.


I find it childish that you have to find motivation through everything you read. If it isn't already there, I don't think this website is going to provide it for you. But I digress...

Those words are, if I'm not mistaken, from the novel "Choke".


I consider myself to be a spiritual man. I have a strong faith and trust in God.

That being said, this is the funniest damn thing I have read in a while. If you found this offensive you really ought to lighten up. God gave us a sense of humor for a reason, feel free to try it out sometime.


He's a great writer. Understanding his brand of creativity and humor may help bring that into context. Otherwise, as previously stated - lighten up...


"All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring."

Really? Forgive me for getting all religious but I think he does a lot more than that, wouldn't you agree? To me this quote reads, "God is bored and petty and will kill you if you don't entertain him".

Usually the quotes are of a motivational nature. Haven't you guys ever read something that stuck with you and made you think. Maybe something you say to yourself as you're at the bottom of a heavy squat? I just thought it was a dumb quote. I understand the "don't be boring" sentiment, but it's really depressing when combined with the first sentence. My opinion, no need to flame.




Boo hoo. Nobody cares.

Plenty of reason to flame when you start an entire thread to bitch about it...

Game on!


hahaha i second that with a "shwing!!"


GOD should be respected above everything.


BALBOS is God.


I agree! I went to a Lutheran school for 8 years and still have God in my life, yet I find quotes like that funny. Even though I voted for Bush, everytime I see a some comical video of him, I still laugh.

I bet God does have a sense of humor :slight_smile:


Bush won. Twice. He's definitly got a sense of humor.