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5 '11 210Lbs 21 Years Old


Trying to clean bulk




Front 2


front 3


Back 2


post more lifting/training vids on youtube instead of the muscle worship stuff. you have viewers that don't want to blow you.


You've defiantely got some mass but dude, read the sticky and do the poses, this isn't online dating u know!

Apart from that u look pretty solid.

But lose the stupid fuckin viser!


I recorded a few videos of me training. I have a video of me skull crushing 170lbs and inclining 305 easily.


Im lost? Im just posting pics of my physique lol.


The only video I saw was where you punked out rctriplefresh5 which was the most pleasing thing I've seen on youtube.


go back to the RMP thread and check out the rules....


Pretty good arms.


The odd arms-crossed, posturing type pictures are losing you much valuable RMP points. Post some leg pictures too. Right now I can only assume you do not have legs with any development so the max I can give you is 5.

I'd take about two away for bad overall symmetry(arms about 5times more developed then anything else - actually the rest isn't showing much development at all; traps, lats, delts and chest all are lagging a lot and in that order). Then another 2 away for replacing front double bi with the front arms-crossed posturing at the bar pose.


From 5 to 1 lol


Outstanding arm development, thicken your back and post leg photos. Impressive nonetheless.


Yeah no kidding. He deserves way higher than a 3.5 and has tons of potential.


Isnt this the Rate my best Jersey Shore pose thread?





What about the legs? What are your maxes?


Yo Marky Mark, we ain't the funky bunch