5,000 Calories While On Cycle?

Alright dudes,

I’ve been looking up how to eat when your on a cycle, and I know that you really got to step it up, but I’m reading things like I should be eating 5000 calories a day?! DOes that sound right?

I couldn’t find myself a “chart” on how much to eat per body weight, on how much protien per pound or anything? Is there a “formula” to follow. Right now I eat about 3000 calories a day. (I don’t really count, but that should be a pretty good guess)

I’m guessing you’re going to be doing a bulking cycle, not a cutting cycle.

It was my understanding that you should eat 2x your body weight in grams of protein, 0.5x your body weight in good fats and 3x your body weight in carbs.

But that was the old school way. I know there’s a lot of people that frown on this conventional wisdom.

Yeah that sounds about right, remember the only mass you gain is food that you don’t poop out. So if you eat a chicken breast, 1/4 might stay in your system and get converted to mass. You gotta eat big to get big. Especially considering all the thermogenics of a really high protein diet.

It all depends on what your metabolism is like. Determine what you need to eat to maintain, using known data or estimating from your current calorie consumption and weight fluctuations. The less muscle mass you have the more you can likely gain while bulking compared to more advanced lifters/users.

If you’re newer to AAS and smaller try to shoot for two pounds per week, provided you aren’t gaining too much fat. If you’re more advanced shoot for .5 to 1 pound per week, assuming the same.

If you’re relatively small and new to AAS, and you do a hardcore blast with AAS you can likely gain upwards of four pounds per week. This gain in weight shouldn’t be considered during the first week or so or oral use, as the water weight will shoot up quickly, but this isn’t tissue accumulation.

Anyway, to answer the question more simply, just eat as much food as is necessary to gain mass as fast as possible while remaining in your acceptable fat gain range. If you’re feeling like you can gain more weight then eat more food, and vice versa.

There is no way you can tell someone using AAS to eat 5000 calories per day and not know anything about their body statistics, cycle specifics, daily activities, etc.

thanks guys, question answered, I just wanted soemthing to base it(diet) off of.

I was about to make the same comment about metabolism before I noticed Schwarzenegger’s post. If I personally start going over 4500 calories per day while on AAS, I start putting on noticeable fat; whereas if I keep it under that number and avoid combining high-carb with high-fat meals, I end up both losing fat while putting on mass.

I’d suggest you start with a less-conservative number of calories and gradually lower the number if you deem necessary.