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4yr old Giuliano Stroe 'Muscle Kid'


Dont know if any of you guys have seen this kid before but his ability is amazing!

I dont know the background behind him or his family so I am in no place to judge but I really do hope that he is not being pushed into this so his family can cash in!

(Remember the Richard Sandrak story!)

I would rather work for my kids than them work for me and I am sure all of you would (should) agree!

Anyway for what its worth his ability and development at such a young age is phenomenal!


I am honestly tired of seeing this. These kids may even stunt their own growth being THAT lean and trying to maintain it while growing.

That last "hercules" kid grew up and looks NOT impressive at all. He looks like an average short guy now.

This kid is just lean....and will likely turn out the same way if his parents are making him stay that lean over making sure he is growing correctly.

The Hercules kid claimed he grew up and never had a cookie. Wow. Seeing the way he looks now...maybe he should have had at least ONE.


This shit is ridiculous. That kid needs some peanut butter.




Despite his ability, I hope that other parents do not try to replicate this kids early development and subsequent Youtube success, but I doubt it! We are likely to see more of this...

IMO kids need a chance to be kids. They need a chance to play and enjoy childhood. They should not be forced to exercise or train <---- this should come in the form of play!

Again I just saw the clips and I have no info on his or his family's background so who knows what this kid is experiencing from a life perspective? He could be quite happy but looking at his level of development and his physical ability I doubt he gets time to act like a 'normal' healthy kid.


yeah saw a doco on that mini hercules kid where are they now sort of thing, he turned out pretty normal looking just very lean with an above average set of abs. still trying to plug his acting career...


Also, with me knowing nothing I'd say lay off the weights for a little kid and let nature take its course.