4x/wk Full Body, Extra for Upper Bk

Starting this Wednesday I begin my next routine, where I want to gain strength and muscle overall, but especially on my lagging Lats and general upper back. Here’s what I’m thinking:

A1 Zercher Squat
A2 Wide grip weighted pull-up
B1 Clean and Jerk
B2 T-bar row

Glute-Ham Raise
DB Incline Rows
stagger windshield wipers

A Stiff-Legged Deadlift
B1 BB Rows
B2 BB Decline Bench Press
C Weighted pull-up

Front Squat
One-arm Row
Good Mornings
Bradford Press
Lat Pulldown
stagger windshield wipers

There’s 3 hip-dominant exercises, 3 quad dominant.
There’s also 2 horizontal push, 2 vertical push, and then 4 horizontal pull and 4 vertical pull.

Should I do more lower body work?

Is 8x3 too much volume for an olympic lift (clean and jerk on monday)?

Should I periodize this? Like maybe stick with 4 pull exercises in week 1, then add one each week?

I will tell you that if you’re going to do 4 completely different workouts with different rep schemes for each one, it’s going to be tricky to progress in a logical manner.

And on Monday the clean and jerk should be first.

why would it be difficult to progress in a logical manner??

also agree that u should switch clean and jerk for first on monday espesically since otherwise u would be starting three different days with lower body movements…

ok I’ll put clean and jerk first. Should I do the pseudo-superset thing still that day?

Any place I could put in a few sets of snatches too btw?

[quote]HotCarl28 wrote:
why would it be difficult to progress in a logical manner??

It just seems to me like doing one workout with 3 or 4 different protocols and then changing after a few weeks is simpler to keep track of than 4 different workouts with 4 different protocols. Plus, for instance, on Saturday he’s doing front squats for 3x8. That’s fine, but what if I want to do some heavier front squats, like sets of 3? Well, there are no front squats in the program on Monday, the 8x3 day, and it would be a little awkward to change a 3x8 into 8x3.

I suppose you could just keep the rep ranges the same each day and then swap the actual exercise list around so that each one gets exposure to all rep ranges. It just seems to me like you’d want to work more or less every exercise in every rep range to wring all the usefulness possible out of a program.

I’m not sure I’d pair an Olympic lift with anything else, especially not if it’s the full clean. It won’t kill you, though. Try it. If technique breaks down, just go back to straight sets.

Otherwise though, if doing 8 or 10 sets of 3, I’d recommend supersetting wherever possible, as it can take a long time to complete with straight sets.

maybe its just me…but u could use another chest exercise

ahhh i missed dips, my bad

stagger windshield wipers…

What’s that, never heard of it…google didn’t help…

hang like in pull up, bring your legs up so they’re facing towards the ceiling. Then rotate then right and left like a windshield wiper.