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4x Cortisol Saliva Testing Timing?

My symptoms include trouble getting out of bed in the morning because i am so tired, cold and un-rested aswell as trouble getting to sleep on a night in the first place! As you can imagine, i don’t keep sleep patterns for long and they have me nodding off and waking up at awkward times.

You are supposed to take the 1st reading at 6 - 8 AM and then the last one at 10 - 12 Midnight.
Lets say my current sleep pattern has me nodding off at around 3-5 AM and i wake up between 1-3 PM, would it be fine to just take first saliva test at 1-3 PM and take it from there as my body clock would think it was 6 - 8 AM anyway?

This is contentious, but I would say just take it as directed…