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4x a Week Training


Christian, what do you recommend when training 4x a week if a lean athletic physique is the goal? I was training a minimum of 6x a week using first layers and then a Legs/Push/Pull routine but, work has left me unable to get to the gym as often as I would like. Any suggestions?

Also, out of curiosity would anything change if a purely aesthetic/muscle based physique was the goal?


This is way too broad of a question for me to answer since it would depend on the individual. So it is completely impossible for me to answer your question. Contrary to many coaches I’m not a “one system guy”; everytime I design a program for a client I do an extensive analysis of that person, even going as far as having them do a personality assessment questionnaire. So the program is tailored to their psychological and neurological profile as well as body type and goal(s).

For example yesterday I did assessment for 4 online clients and it took me 9 hours. That’s only the assessment, not writing the program. I had them go through a 125 questions personality profile, then had a 1 hour skype conversation and I also analyse pictures and videos if needed. So I can’t write a recommended program with so little information, anyway it is outside the scope of a simple forum.

I can answer specific questions regarding exercises, means, methods, loading schemes etc. but you have to be precise. Not simply ask “how should I train?” because truthfully, without knowing you, the answer is “I don’t now”.


Strength-Skill? Program is at CT’s site.