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4th Wk of Cycle, Shoulder Pain. Stop or Continue?


Hey guys, I know this isnt the perfect place for this post, but its related, and I just know a few of you guys from posts here where as I dont know anyone on the injury boards...

Im literally entering my fourth week on my test e cycle; and I'm having problems with what was, my goodshoulder. I had a long thoracic nerve impigment which totalled my left side ofmmy upper body for about a one year mark; I have undergone physio therapy; and alot of time recovering... two years since the injury.

Now things grind and pop quiet a bit in both my shoulders, but for the most part im ok. Since I started my cycle I have been having tendonitis like pain in my right elbow, and anterior delt. The pain has now worsened in the shoulder

It feels as though I have pain right between my anterior and lateral heads, abd when I lift my arm above me (m.p press) I can feel a tingle/ electric feeling, which I presume to be a nerve? Either way it sucks.
So today I came into the gym feeling king Kong ready to work it out, and things were going great; did a long warm up, rotator exercises; was ready to go.

Started light; abd moved up to 60/70 lb dumbbells doing flat chest press. This is what fucked with my head. I started feeling a pulling in my right shoulder while pressing, and couldn't feel my chedt contracting as I normally would, and my shoulder was not in pain ( sharp, electric, numb ect) but actually it was extremely fatigued, as if I had been doing a M.p press and not a flat chest press. !?! What the hell is goibg on? Any insight would be great,

This brings me to my main question and point to this posts; should I discontinue my cycle while I still have just over 2/3 of the gear left? I realize I need professional opinion on what is going in within my shoulder, but what I am unsure of, is if a week or two off will make things all better. One fella in my gym said if there's a strain or anything the test kicking in will heal it real fast abd I can continue on cycle. This sounds risky to me, and maybe a bit reckless?

Hope somebody has some; Any kind of input, as I look forward to other opinions on what course of action to take.

Thanks alot fellas


The test may help you heal a little faster than normal but not enough to fix whats wrong with you, you definitely have some body malfunctions you need to figure out. The workout enthusiasm from the steroids probably is not going to help your issues.

Ultimately its up to you, if you continue your cycle you will still need to stay off pressing but can continue whatever else or you can stop short and save your gear, there isnt much in the way of bad consequences either or.

Chances are even though you may feel better after the physio, whatever caused the problems (poor lifting patterns, weak or imbalanced back musculature, or soft tissue issues like trigger point or such) has yet to be resolved and you are exacerbating them, the test has little to do with it directly. Deca may help with joint inflammation but I don’t suspect this is that kind of problem, you may just have to avoid the pressing movements that cause discomfort and focus on the things you can press heavy and comfortable, be it hammer strength machines or what have you.


Yes you are right, I have imbalancesn riddled throughout my body, it is really quiet horrible. …
I was thinking of dialing it back a notch, doing uni lsteral training, and focusing on just fixing my imbalances throughout the cycle? This will take discipline as ill want to workout hard while I have the energy like this. But I think with the right head on my shoulders I can do it.

I just dont want to waste my cycle either. I have some thinking to do, and a couple professionals to visit


During physio I not only felt better, but corrected the scapular winging that I had. I did improve things quiet well. I think that my recovery just isntn quiet ready to jump balls to the walls into hardcore weight training again