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4th Week of My First Cycle, Have Some Questions

As the title suggests i’m about 4 weeks into my first cycle of 500mg test e, and i’ve been taking Arimidex at .25mg eod. Since i’ve started my cycle i’ve noticed that i’ve been feeling more tired than usual, and getting like almost mini headaches from time to time (kinda feeling drained). I’ve also gained a decent amount of body fat (my diet was pretty bad for about a week or so but it still feels like a lot of fat to have gained), haven’t really gained much strength, not too much muscle either, just generally not feeling amazing like i thought i would on cycle.

I have suspicions that my e2 is either too high or too low (im not entirely sure how to differentiate the two), and im going to get my bloodwork done asap so im not sure if this post is redundant until then but yeah any advice/help would be appreciated.

First off you should post some body stats weight/height/age/body fat/where do you hold fat on your body

Are you checking your blood pressure if so what is it? You should check a few times thru out day to get a good idea of where it averages

Are you sure it’s body fat? Your diet would have to be absolutely horrible to have gained a substantial amount of body fat in 4 weeks. Im talkin 6000 cal/day of all twinkes drenched in butter. Or do you assume it’s body fat because the number on the scale has gone up and you haven’t gotten hulk hogan muscles yet? This brings me back to why I asked body fat and where you hold it and your over all general build. This could be water retention causing the scale number to go up.

Your 4 weeks Into a cycle bro. Did you expect to lift cars by the 2nd week and have a S on your chest by the 4th? Strength gains usually start showing up in the 4th and size in the 6th sometimes a bit sooner depending on how they react to gear.

So for me the amount of adex you are taking at 500mg a week of test would bottom my estrogen out but everyone’s different. Fatigue is def a sign of low E. Here’s an idea stop the adex til you get some bloods drawn! I hate to speculate but I can’t imagine your E2 can be that high while you popping a quarter tab of adex EOD on that much test. So i don’t think you have to worry about growing tits between now and when you get bloods drawn to know for sure.

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Dialing in AI is not always easy. You started with a low dose but probably took it too frequently. E3d would be enough for a lot of guys. Someone like me needs .25mg e3d just on my trt, but for others (see what Zeek said) it would push their e2 down too far. It’s very individual. When you get blood work you’ll have your answer. For now I’d back off that dose a little and just see what happens.

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For stats: I’m 21, weigh 80kg/175 pounds, height like 5’10, would say around 15% bf and i hold it in my chest and lower stomach mostly. I guess I probably had some misconceptions on the affects test would have this far into the cycle. I’m still waiting on the blood tests, in the mean time i did stop my ai and have been feeling better, although i think the tiredness/mental drain may have been caused by a strong prework (atleast a lot stronger than im use to) rather than low e2, as I stopped taking that aswell.

Got another question though, have nolva on hand for pct and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to change from adex to nolva mid cycle? Seen a lot of talk on here about how taking nolva to control estrogen is better than an ai but idk if you can switch mid cycle without fucking something up

hey im on week 5 and i know what your going through exactly…i went hi e and low e from adex, i dialed it in to .25 everyday to eod…BUT…im on dbol when i come off im gonna take .25 every 3 days at the most…just back of your ai for a few days and then take .25 mg every 4 and pay attention to your body if you feel tired its because estrogen is hi or low…if you take less ai and feel better…no brainer good luck