4th Upper - New bench PR

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Here are all my attempts and sets in their glory :stuck_out_tongue:

275xMISS, 265x1RM PR with bounce though, 270xMISS, 225x3 (2nd set), 240x1

lacking lockout power and speed! Week triceps…


workout to come

hard to tell from the angle given, but it seems that your wrist isn’t over your elbow when pressing. You should of gotten 275, but I think your form is what allowed it to fail.

also, drive your legs. looks like they are just “there”.

Wednesday 4th February - Maximal Strength- Week 16 - Day 3 - Upper - Late Afternoon

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep over the last few days, and so my CNS felt decent, not the best, but not bad. Didn’t get the bench number I wanted, but I at least have somewhere to work from. Lucky the 20min walk with the girlfriend yesterday didn’t kill me

Workout time - 1 hour 30mins
Workout rating - 8.5/10 - would have rated an 9.5 had I got the 275 bench, 10 if I had that and felt top notch :slight_smile:


Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - pull, press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean for a few

14 inch grip Bench

Warmups - 14inch grip Bar - 3 static holds for 6 secs each on the way down then x8, 95x5, 135x5, 185x3

Tempo 10X0 Rest - alternating sets with Rows 1.5 mins between each

225 x 1,
275 x MISS - stuck halfway up dumped
265 x 1 New 1RM PR!! bounce on chest though
270 x MISS, died at sticking point
225lbs 2x3
240lbs x1 - very slow!

Well all the warmups felt crisp and much lighter than before, so I knew my CNS was good to decent shape. 275 didn’t feel that heavy, controlled it down and slammed it up once it touched the chest and hit a brick wall halfway up, push for a bit, and thought it would go up slowly, but no go.
At least I know I have some weak ass triceps!
265 was slow, but at least I got it - bounce on chest though, went down too fast
Was supposed to do 3x2 with 240, but called it day with it being so slow…no gas left. Obviously Bulgarian waveloading parameters don’t work well for me…

time to beef up the triceps! If I can get em up, I think I should have no problems getting to 295lbs wthin a few months.


ReverseGrip Single Arm Dumbell Rows
warmup - 6kg 3 Posiiton ISO Hold then x5, 35lbs x5, 55lbsx5, 75x3

Tempo 10X0 Rest- alternating with Bench 1.5 mins between

95x1, 115x1, 110lbs 2x3

45 degree Chest Supported Rows - Palms down grip
Warmup - 45x5, 90x3

115lbs 2x5

Bits and pieces

Tricep Dips

Tempo 10X0 rest - Alternating with rows 1.5 mins between
BW 4x5

These have worked well in the past getting tricep nice and explosively strong and making my bench lockout nice and fast. I power these up as hard as I can. time to do em again…

Seated Pulley Rows
Tempo 1010
35x5, 50lbs 2x8

Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion Machine
Tempo - 1010 rest - alternating arms
10lbs x 5, 20lbs 2x5, 15lbs x10 - cuffs getting stronger

45 degree Chest Supported Rows - Palms down grip ISO Hold
45lbs x 1.5mins - 2 bird in one - strength and lengthen my back and work my grip as well

ParalleGrip Dumbell Bench ISO hold

  • 35lbs x 2mins

6inch stance Fullsquat ISO Hold - heels in air, on toes, body curled over
BW x 2 mins

Shoulder Dislocates with wooden staff - using snatch grip to stretch out pecs and shoulders


it’s like I ran into a brick wall when I hit the sticking point. I controlled down nicely touch the chest and slammed it up, then boom nothing, tried to squirm it up, but nothing.

My triceps are much weaker than my pecs, and shoulders I guess. Itssued to be that the bottom was hard and the top very easy, now its the other way around :slight_smile:


Do you feel that benching really adds to your jerking power or do you bench just because you like to bench?

well jerking for me is mostly legs, so now it doesn’t help. The only thing that helps my jerking power is back squats, frontsquats, jumpsquats and med ball overhead throws

Benching does help my overhead lockout strength though I feel. Just general upperbody strength.
And I also do it to balance out all the external rotation :slight_smile:

Good job man! Nice PR, almost looked like you’d nail that 275 as well the way it came off your chest. I had a similar sticking point, yours looks right about 4 board height. Ever done boards? They work real well. You have the speed off the chest, but as you said yourself the triceps can’t carry the momentum to lockout.
Remember you saying that you had problems with the slippy floor, if you could find a way round that and add legs you’re poundages would shoot up.
Keep up the good work.

sticking point semms about 6-8inches above the chest

I haven’t done board presses yet, not sure if I can.
But I guess pin presses are the next best thing, still taking the bar off the j-Hooks and lightly touch the pins

time to beat my triceps up. Probably why my military press has stalled as well :slight_smile:

Some would say that pin presses don’t really carry over so well to actual increase in bench and that boards do. Plus pin presses are very hard on the shoulders and elbows.

Be careful with pin presses I find they are brutal on the elbows, even 4" lockouts. I remember Big Martin saying they don’t have good carryover to the bench either.

Ok well I’ll just hammer my triceps and see how things go.