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4th of July


This is the first year in a long time that I have no idea what I'm doing... I'm debating on going to the Santa Monica Pier, anyone ever been?? I love the Santa Monica Promenad but never been to the Pier before. I really want to take my puppy over there, but not sure if thats a good idea with the possibility of people with fireworks.

I must admit, I miss being a kid and going to my Aunt's Boy Friends house where he would stock up on a thousand dollars worth of illegal fire works from mexico and we would see who could do the stupidest shit with the fire works and try not to blow our hands off.

In retrospect I would NEVER allow my kids to play with m-80's and bottle rockets like I used to, but damn that shit was fun. underwater M80 + Swimming Pool full of girls = One good time

What's everyone else up to this 4th and what did you used to do as a kid?


I'm waiting for a Will Smith movie......without it, I'm lost.


Either concert downtown or party on Tiki Island. Interested?


Just watch Karate Kid. Jayden looks and acts just like a mini Will Smith.


Waterskiing and wakeboarding on Lake Almanor all day. I'll also be playing Jimi's version of the Star-Spangled Banner at full volume over and over wherever I go.


You noticed that to eh? Must be a black thing.


Hopefully I'm doing something cool like DBCooper. Probably not though.


One of Soundgarden's best songs.


This is a facebook message my friend left which made me laugh

"Karate kid had a certain pedophilic tone that takes some time to appreciate"


I'm going to capture an american and lock them in a cage for the day.


Cooking for the family, burgers, steaks, etc.. Go watch a neighboring towns big fireworks display, then come home and set off $100 worth of our own.


With the way our country is, a girl or a boy can't take off their shirt without pedophilia coming up.


I'm going to be rebuilding my trailer for my motorcycle, watching fireworks, drinking, eating, sweating, hopefully getting laid at one point, and then going to bed early so I can tear up the track on Monday morning.


I'm in the same boat. In the past I would go to the huge party my neighbor would have. Basically buffet style of every kind of smoked meat you can imagine, multiple kegs, and endless bottles. All followed up by shooting off illegal fireworks for a couple hours.
He's not doing it this year, so I'm not sure what I'll do. I guess there's something going on in Apple River where I could get tipsy and hit on girls.


Fishing with a cooler of beer in tow. If an M-80 or two happen to fall in the water, eh...


Im actually more freaked out about blackcats than m-80s. The fuses on thoese things are so flimsy.


Who here still shoots bottle rockets out of their hand? Anybody have roman candle wars?


Only pussies actually shoot it out of bottles. We used to have roman candle wars (Along with black cat wars,bottle rocket wars) until some kid lost his eye to one. What better way to end a childhood tradition when some kid loses a body part.


Roman candle wars are great until you get the d-bag that doesn't seem to understand that you shouldn't aim them at other people heads. Nobody ever got hurt, but once neighbor kids started playing and insisted on aiming for people's faces we stopped that tradition.