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4th Lift in Powerlifting


if you could pick anylift to add the the bench, squat, and deadlift what would you choose.
i personaly would go with something like a overhead press so there would be 2 lower body 2 upperbody


How about adding the chin-up. That would make things . . . different.


I'd like to add the clean and jerk or snatch. Whilst those disciples of the Westside methods also train for speed, I'd like to introduce a more complex, technical lift into the equation.

Just think it'd be interesting to see how explosive these guys are and what sort of numbers they'd lift in comparison to full time weight lifters.



Barbell curl.



I'd second the chin or pullup. It would make the super-heavy division so much more interesting.


Good morning. It's about as good as my squat and deadlift anyway!


bent press


Donkey calf raise. There is no other that comes close in testing raw strength.



Some kind of rowing/pulling movement.

Something comparable to a bench press for one's back, without incorporating the posterior chain like the deadlift does.

I can also see a vertical pulling movement too, but where the person is locked into possition so bodyweight doesn't come into play too much.

You don't want 120lb kids doing pullups all day and getting a total of 200lbs for the other three lifts combined, then taking home a powerlifting trophy. It would also be easier to get a 1RM without having to include bodyweight (at least for the shock and awe).

You could have a 350 pound guy with 80 pounds strapped to him and it wouldn't look as impressive as seeing 430 pounds come off the floor.


That's why there's weight classes :slightly_smiling:

I'd like to see the bench taken out in favor of the overhead press, though. Pushing off a bench just seems wrong.



Resurrect the Olympic Press and make sure to add in the proper rules so that no one decides to make the Olympic Press look like a standing Bench Press.

Also, the Power Clean. Or Power Clean and Push Press.



Chin-up sounds interesting, push press would be quite cool too, but too similar to bench press.


chin up/pull up


Definitely an overhead press, preferably the push press. Pulling sounds good at first, but I just can't imagine an effective way to implement chin-ups or bent-over rows for 1RM competition.


Maybe slightly off topic but along the same lines.

I seem to recall reading that in the 70's there was a challenge for weightlifters and powerlifters to compete in a 5 lift championship, the powerlifts and the olympic lifts. A powerlifter named John Cole had all 5 lifts authenticated and because he was a decent o lifter as well as being one of the best PL lifters of his day no one else bothered to enter; if nothing else it did silence Ken Patera for a while.

Maybe one of the other anoraks (I use the term affectionally) on this site might know more?

Regards Youch


I don't know but this would be interesting as fuck.

This would kind of fuck up the totals a bit.

I"m 180 my other lifts aren't impressive at all, but I can do a chinup with bodyweight attached for 3 reps.

So my total with a fourth chinup would be fairly large.

So fuck that.

I would like to see something EXPLOSIVE and total body. (not that deadlift and squat aren't).

I would say the Power Snatch or Push-Press would work best.

Probably the push press...

Squat and deadlift stress pretty much the same muscles... bench and push press would have a similar effect which is pretty equal.

Again a push press, not a jerk.


good idea


Maybe something with a kettbell or something in the strongman area


Youch ,how long have you been lifting for?

Why not make it 5 lifts ,combine the two sports.


Yeah, bent press would be good I reckon. It's in keeping with the 'grinding' nature of the powerlifts, (yes I know you try to lift explosively but in reality the bar moves fairly slowly when you get to the higher %'s).

Either that or tricep kickbacks on a cable machine. They really pump your arms up.