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4th Cycle

Hello,im planning my 4th cycle been off any thing for over 6 months 50yrs old training for 12 years 235 pounds, I have only had one problem ever that was using dbol by its self at the end of my cycle with out test newbie bs shut me down took a while to get wood back feeling great now did a pct.

The last cycle was dboll test tren ,now want to do anavar test tren equi will improve diet was thinking of going 12 weeks this will be the first time using anavar been looking around educating my self some say will gain some size with it others say no first question what can I expect using it on such a cycle 2 question is 12 weeks too long 3 question looking for good long term size and gains would this be a good cycle, planning a good pct also with a very strict diet. Any advice or comments would be appreciated thank you in advance. Always willing to learn.

Write our your proposed cycle, abd then the vets can reply to you better seeing your plan via doses/ drugs/ and time line

Hi to all,this is what all be using in this 4cycle , tren-acetate ,test ,equi pinning 0.5cc each together every other day, 1 arimi and 1 var in the morning the var is 10mg each, 2var at night this will be the first time using var rather then dbol,i like the idea of less water bloat , was planning on doing this cycle for 8weeks but going to bump it up to 12,any suggestions or comments would be appreciated