4th Cycle - What Do You Think? Want to Add 20lbs of Muscle

31 years old
15 years lifting
12% bf right now

*have ran tren before

Week 1-3
Test e- 900/wk
Tren e- 600/wk
Test p-100/eod (for a small front load)
EQ- 800/wk
Masteron P- 100/eod
Arimidex- .5/eod
Caber- twice a week

Test e- 900/wk
Tren e- 600/wk
EQ- 800/wk
Arimidex- .5(maybe .75)/eod
Caber- twice a week

Test P- 100/ed
Tren ace- 75/ed
EQ- 800/wk
Masteron p- 100/eod
Winny- 50/ed
Arimidex- .75/1/eod
caber- twice a week

Test E- 500/wk
Arimidex- .5/ e3d

Test E- 250/wk( might keep cruising or get off and pct)

What do you guys think?

Please see this: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong

And the topics that used to be stickies are here: About the Pharma category - #2 by KSman

You should be maintaining your testes with SERM or hCG if you plan on getting back to your own HPTA.

Thanks KSman. Appreciate the great info. Other than that and the pct … How does everyone think of the cycle itself?

it’s fucking ludicrous. A 37 week cycle is insane

That’s part of my cruise as u see it tapering down. I plan on Blasting again most likely

Does anyone have anything to say about the EQ dosage or anything? Is that good for this cycle? I’m just surprised no one did