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4th Cycle Thoughts


his will be my 4th cycle and I will be trying to cut and gain some lean mass and hoping to be around 10-12% bf by end of cycle

Weight 220
Bf 17%
height 5,11

Previous cycles
first cycle test e 500mg week 12 weeks
2nd test e 500mg 12 weeks deca 500mg week 10s
3rd was going to run same as second but got deca dick 3 weeks in and dropped deca and ran just test for 14 weeks and tne-tren mix pre gym last 3 weeks of cycle(was given to me free so why not)

For my 4th cycle im planning on
Shots twice a week
Test e 600mg week 1-16 weeks
tren e 400mg week 1-10 weeks
Eq 400mg week 1-12 weeks


First time running eq and first time running tren for long period of time.

Alright guys critique my cycle and thanks in advance.


Give a PCT outline. Cause that is the most important part of your whole cycle.

what percentage of your gains did you keep from previous cycles? With BF that high you are very susceptible to high E2 levels and gyno so run that AI from start to finish, including PCT. .5mg EOD should be fine.

IMO you should cut your BF down to about 12 before gear. Its just asking for trouble with anything over that.

Also, HEED THIS WARNING. Tren will F you up. It is the only AAS not condoned for human use. That shit is no joke, and is the one AAS i will never run again. Way too many sides that make it not worth it for me. Props to you if you can run it for long periods of time, or at all.

BTW if you had Progesterone and prolactin issues on deca, you will def have it with tren. So get some prami/caber.


Looks good.

Run your AI, get some caber or prami for the tren.

Maybe look into hcg since your running 16 weeks.

What’s your pct?