4th Cycle of Test E, Deca, Winny - Need Advice

layout of cycle will be like
test e 375mg/week 1-14 week
deca 375mg/week 1-12 week
winny 50mg ed 11-16 week
proviron 50mg ed 1-16 week
hcg 1000ius/week 13-16 week
caber 0.25mg e3d 1-12 week (if required)
aromasin 12.5mg eod whole cycle 1-20 week

PCT 17-22 Week total 6 weeks
nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25
ai 12.5 for 4 weeks
milk thistle and liv 52

Looks good. Can I ask why you’re going to run the deca for 12 weeks instead of 16 or 20? I get that recovery is pushed out further whenever deca is involved, but 12 weeks seems a little short. I ran mine for 18 weeks (low dose, prescribed as part of my TRT) and I didn’t feel the effects on my joints until week four. Once the effects started it was like I was a new man, and it was really great. You might like the results more if you can find a way to extend the total run a little longer. But if not you still have a solid cycle there.

running this cycle for 14 weeks…and deca for 12 coz deca has long ester so running test longer will keep deca dick away and other prolactin issues dont like to run it longer as longer will be suppresion…next time ill do short ester of both test and deca …prop with npp for 10 weeks

Cycle looks solid, possibly add in tudca for extra liver protection, fish oil, garlic and all those supposedly helpful supplements for cholesterol (healthy cholesterol is super important). I’d extend the deca or use NPP instead as it kicks in faster. Why run Winny AND Proviron though? Also you say you are taking 50mgs of winstrol per week? Am I reading this correctly, I’m an advocate for low doses, and while a mere 50mg per week should help in increasing nitrogen retention and whatnot I can’t see it having any anabolic effect significant enough to justify using at such a dose.

my mistake winny 50mg ed for 6 weeks running NAC with milk thistle and liv 52
adding TUDCA is bit expensive i can run only one between NAC and TUDCA
taking fish oil …multivitamin… garlic… low salt diet… vitamin d3 and b complex
i dont want to end too big thats why using winny to end cycle and proviron whole cycle for its little bit AI properties…whole thing is that i want to end this cycle lean

i want to bulk but not too much thats why ending with winny and whole cycle proviron so i can look dry at end of my cycle…in my county TUDCA is not available so only option to get it is order it from other country costing me too much as i have to pay custom 100% on tablet form plus shipping almost equal to whole cycle gear amount…dont want to use HCG for entire cycle as it also can desensitize LH if used for long time thats why ending it just before PCT to kickstart my test production…ill be on low salt diet and some natural remedies to detoxify my liver like garlic and other stuff

Sounds like you’re set, man. Keep us updated on your progress and good luck to you.

Do you run the winny as one 50mg pill or 3 10mg pills in morning & 2 10mg pills in evening?

Hi IY, when did you finish the Deca & have you kept that rejuvenated feeling?

So it’s been almost four weeks since I finished my course of deca. I don’t feel worse, but I also started taking dbol about three weeks ago, so I can’t know for sure what kind of dropoff I’m getting from the lack of deca. My joints still feel pretty good and I don’t have any pain when lifting, so that’s been quite nice. I’m getting semi-annual bloodwork in July, so at that time I’ll probably talk to my doctor about how often he thinks I can use deca safely.

i take 2 after breakfast 2 pre workout and 1 after post workout meal

How long did you run the deca for and what was the dose?

Original plan was 20 weeks, 100mgs/w. But I was on autopilot one day when I was drawing from the vial and I pulled 1ml instead of .5ml (I confused which vial was test and which was deca) so it got cut down to 19 weeks. Then on week 18 I just pulled the last of the vial, which was less than 1ml (200mgs), and pinned it all at once. I’m happy with how I feel and I’d certainly do it again if my doc is on board.

Everything else I thought of saying has been covered so far except vitamin b6.

Keep in mind I only have trenbolone experience. Both common 19-nor’s are progestenic. Now I don’t remember if vitamin b6 lowers progesterone or prolactin but progesterone does effect prolactin or somehow they are connected. Anyways vitamin b6 at 600 mgs a day has been shown to lower one of them, again I forget which one but since they are connected. I know you have written cabergoline as needed but b6 is way cheaper and it could keep you from needing the cabergoline. I personally live on a country border so when I decided to go down the tren road I knew I could get the heavy duty stuff if needed. However I have never needed it and have always used the b6, that does not prove anything except maybe I am lucky.

Seriously seems like you planned it out well. I really like Trinity stacks, it’s just fun seeing the extra level of output from mixing the right three.

Thanx for suggestions brother I will definitely add vitamin b6 in my layout at 600mg dosage…Should I take it in tablet form or injection form…

I don’t even know if they have injectable b6. There probably is some out there but I have always used tablet form.

I actually ended up leaving another thread a comment on b6. In turn I realized I should spend five minutes and read about what b6 does to help us when we take AAS. It helps to keep progesterone from getting too high. If your levels are high it can help lower them but that might take a while so if they are high then the pharmaceutical compounds would be better. While reading I saw dosage from 200mgs to 900 mgs.

So go read a little and decide on a dosage. I know myself and there is a reason I got 600 mgs a day as the preferred dosage I just can not find the source right now.

I just went back and re-read your original post so I am not sure if someone covered this.

You are stopping your last aromatizing compound (test e) on week 14. You have it down to start PCT on 17 and run until week 22. You have it down to take aromasin at 12.5 mgs every three days until week 20.

I don’t think you will need aromasin past week 17 or 18 and that might even be pushing it. By around that time your synthetic test levels will be down around natural levels (or only slightly higher) but you will still be taking AI like you have supraphysiological levels.

Aromasin works a little different from the other AIs. It attaches to the aromatase enzyme and renders it inactive. The other AIs will eventually disconnect from the enzyme and thus the enzyme can go attack the test or other wet compound.

If you notice a real bad onset of lethargia and dry joints then that could mean you have crashed your estrogen. You know your body and this is not your first rodeo so if you have run aromasin that long under a similar time frame past your test injections and had no problems then I am waisting time typing this.

I just wanted to point that out so if you do feel really tired around week 17 or onward then you know what it might be.