4th Cycle - Mass and Strength

Height: 6’2
Weight: 232lbs
%15 Bodyfat
Deadlift: 640
Bench: 440
Squat: 600

This will be my 4th cycle.
Goal: to gain max mass and strenght.
Sport: Powerlifting

My last cycle was:
1-8w: 600mg test sustanon
1-7w: 400mg tren e
2-8w: 300mg masteron

Now this is idea 1 for next cycle:

1-10w: 1000mg test e or sustanon
1-9w: 600mg tren e

2nd idea:

1-10w: 525mg test pro (75mg ed)
1-9w: 525mg tren a (75mg ed)

Any suggestion is desirable. Maybe to add dbol first 4 weeks in first cycle.


They’re pretty much the same thing (you should know this) it’s just that the first one has nearly 600mg more a week.

Nice AI and PCT layout btw.


Add some food and working out and you’ll be jacked out’ve your mind…

I will go with first option for sure. Didn’t do short esters so far so that was reason i was thinking about second option. I will use Nolva through whole cycle 10mg/ed and also Nolva for PCT 40/40/40/20. Max test that i use so far is 750mg/w and max tren was 400mg/w.