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4th Cycle Details

Hey Guys.
This is my first post here. Well let me get to it. I’m starting my fourth AAS cycle. Previous experience is Superdrol(30mg) Test E (750mg) stack. 4 weeks of Superdrol as a kick start with 16 weeks test. 12 weeks 600mg 1-testosterone/ 500mg testosterone C stack. And my first cycle was 12 weeks Boldenone.

My new cycle is on my mind and I would appreciate some feed back, as I’m starting tren for the first time. I would like someone a little more experienced then me to give this a look over, for my own safety, and the promotion of responsible steroid use.

Before we begin here are my stats and my realistic goals.
170 Pounds.
B/F is 15% maybe 16% (I know I’m out of shape)

My goal is 11% body fat. And to bulk in specific areas, calves, shoulders and biceps. I’m not putting an actual number on the weight gain. I have no interest in a specific body weight, just a specific look.(basically the side of an Abercrombie bag, I know I know, lame. But that’s what it is).

Weeks 1-12 150mg Every other day Testosterone Prop.
Weeks 1-4 250mcg Oral Tren 2X a day. (This is my first time with Tren)
Weeks 1-6 .25mg Cabergoline 2X a week. (Preventative)
Weeks 1-10 500iu HGC once a week. (Don’t want to loose the boys this time)
This is also my first time with HCG
Weeks 5-12 .5mg Arimidex 2X a week, after the Tren is over. I figured the excess estrogen from the Testosterone is necessary to keep my prolactin levels in check. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I have chosen to run the Tren at the beginning of my cycle because I would like to use a Clomid/ Nolvadex/ Arimidex PCT. I have read Nolvadex and Tren is a Big NO NO. SO it will be long gone from system when I introduce my PCT.

I have already purchased this cycle. If you guys have noticed anything wrong, irresponsible, or counter productive please let me know. I only wish to try a so called fat melting compound with minimal sides. I know there will be some regard less.

Thanks for your time.

by oral tren, do you perhaps mean methyltrienolone?

Yes that is correct.

Yes, correct. By GP.

I would recommend tren A instead. That shit’ll knock fist size chunks out of your liver.

I have read it is by far the harshest. Even at 500mcg a day it will do that kind of damage? I don’t doubt the danger by any means. I’m just curious if people have either previously damaged livers or seriously abused the product .

How does the HCG use look?

Also if I sub acetate should the cycle remain in tact?

Yeah definitely drop the oral tren and go injectable, livers are important