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4th Cycle - Closeout with Dbol?

Hey all
To start I’m 37 5’11” around 230lbs
My cycle history;
1st cycle was just test
2nd was test/deca
3rd was test/tren

My 4th cycle was test/tren/deca and my gains have been pretty awesome. Went from 200 to 230 at my heaviest. Hovering around 228-232
This was a 12 week cycle, have been making sure I take plenty AI (.5 eod) as well as omega 3’s, and milk thistle
Checked my BP yesterday and it was 140/100
Started garlic supplements and dandelion root to help bring it down.
Finished with tren last week
This week is only deca/test (I’m weening myself off- last year I stopped the test/tren simultaneously and my libido crashed hard for months)
Was wondering if a week or 2 of dbol might be a good way to max out my gains this cycle or if I should just wait until my next one?

Depends. Are you happy with your gains as they are now? And would that extra little bit of water and glycogen be enough to warrant throwing your e2 management a curve ball right at the end?

I’m very happy with my gains as is. I know I may lose the swole feeling once I finish. I was hoping to hit 220-225 and blew past it with 230 so I’m back and forth about if I should go for it with dbol and shoot for 240 or just stay put