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4th Cycle Advice


My background: my first two cycles were a joke, I did them Improperly when I was young and stupid. Coming off of college football and a bad steroid cycle, I ballooned to almost 400 pounds. Two years ago I made a change and went from 396 pounds with 33% body fat, to 275 pounds with 18.7% body fat. About eight months ago I did my third cycle it was test E and prop.

I was under the guidance of a former pro did proper on cycle, proper post cycle, and really enjoyed and kept my results. My former pro has suggested I do a cycle of Winny and test, with proper diet the goal is to be down to 240 pounds. Currently 6'3" 275, 18.7% BF

4th cycle: 300mg test E twice a week, 50mg of liquid winny ED for 8 weeks.

Cycle support: Liv 52, milk thistle, animal flex, and 25mg of Nolva (ED for all)

PCT - 2 weeks of Nolva 50mg ED followed by 2weeks Nolva 25mg ED

I'd like your thoughts, knowledge, and opinions. I'm constantly doing research, but this is my 1st post to a forum.