4th Cycle Advice (EQ)

Hey everyone, so Im thinking about starting my next cycle soon (itll be my fourth), just running some labwork before I get started. I have Tren Ace, Test E, EQ, Dbol, and proviron on hand. Im thinking about running the Test E and EQ for now and holding off on taking any of the other compounds. I was planning on taking the Dbol the first 4 weeks as a kickstart, but the more im reading about EQ and the possibility of it tanking E2, the more hesitant I am to take anything else with it other than the test-E. My understanding is the Dbol will raise my E2, then the EQ could lower it drastically after discontinuing the Dbol, which would be too much fluctuation.

Ive read some people say to run it “low and slow” and youll see better results with lower risk of it crashing E2 and increasing HCT too much, and that the people have the dosing way too high who are running it 500-1000mg/week. On the other hand, Ive read a lot of people saying its useless running it any lower than 400-500mg/week.

Most of my other cycles ive used 500mg/week of test or less depending on the other compounds ive added in. Ive never used an AI and have not had any issues with high e2 symptoms. This cycle, I was planning on increasing the dose to 600/week of test, and running the EQ at 300mg/week to start, and increasing to 400 after a few weeks if everything is going well. I was going to run this cycle for a bit longer as well, ~16 weeks. I have an AI on hand, HCG 500IU/week throughout the cycle and leading up to PCT, as well as nolva for 5 weeks of PCT.

My question would be, would this be a good starting point for the dosages? There seems to be so many mixed opinions and only anecdotal evidence on EQ (as it usually is in the AAS world) and just wanted to see what everyone elses opinion on this compound is.

STATS: 6’ 1" 200 lbs ~12-14% BF 31 years old. several years of lifting exp.
GOALS: slowly build lean, sustainable muscle. mostly hypertrophy with some increase in strength.

Thanks so much for your time reading this, and any advice or opinions will be well received. You guys are all super helpful.

I think this makes pretty good sense, and it is about what I would do.

Check out the MPMD video on EQ on YouTube for more info on E2 conversion.

Thanks for the reply. Ill definitely give this video a watch today. Looks like pretty good info when I leafed through the comments

I doubt there will be much difference between 300 & 400 with the EQ. I ran 200mg for a while then upped to 400mg (by itself) when I was young and more tarded than current levels. It was pretty great. I had an insatiable appetite for grilled chicken breasts at all times (I don’t even like chicken breasts). My endurance went up dramatically. Like I went from never running to being able to run miles fairly quickly. I gained some good lean size too. I felt really good on it too. If I were you I’d just go the 400mg from the start since it takes forever to start working.

Thats good to hear, thanks for the input. Im gonna keep a close eye on my estrogen levels throughout the cycle so ill know if anything changes. Ill probably just start at 400 then too.