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4th Cycle ... Advice Appreciated

190 after a good cut
Unknown bf%

Previouse gear

12 weeks test E only
Clomid pct

14 weeks test E
8 of which were stacked with tren
Clomid for pct

4 weeks superdrol
8weeks test E
Nolva whole cycle
Clomid pct
(WEIGHT AT FIRST PRICK 158. weight before cutting 195

I wish to do one more cycle before retiring gear use until mt mid 30s.
I am not going to talk diet but i assure i will be eating right and eating in vokumes.

So far i plan to run test/tren or superdrol and test again. I like tren because i can use propecia on cycle, however it still promotes hair loss
I am not to sure about my pct and on cycle therapy habits as i have noticed a smal amount of gyno which snuck up pn me. Probably either the PH or my idioti. Trial and error first cycle. any advice as to how i should roll to avoid further gyno and come off solid will help. I know there are stickies but i like hearing multiple opinions. my friend recomendrd letro on cycle snd clomid to pct. Anyone?

  1. Why the Fuck are you using a PH over a real AAS
  2. Your missing an AI in all your cycles…
  3. Your 6’ and under 200lbs…
  4. Trial and Error is a REALLY stupid thing to do in regards to AAS…

yes well i purposly cut weight for a military program in which i was not able to do above 180. I have basicaly been juggling weight like a fighter for these programs but now i dont have to. Yes i forgot to put i was running Adex on the last cycle where i was using PH. I had a few bottles of test on hand and my buddy who works at a suppliment shop was told to throw away remaining superdrol supply snd decided to give it away. i know the risks but the temptation was too high.

i had a total shutdown from it at one point but i was using fly by night herbal pct and i figured running test and clomid to follow would be ok. cycle was ok…not huge gains but still gains were made in the long run. and yeah trial and error is fucking dangerous but wtf did i know… i was in the military where every dipshit you meet is yoda when it comes to bodybuilding and relationships…

what are your goals with this cycle?, maybe take care of that gyno before you start another cycle and possibly make it worse.

I have superdroll right now… Did you like it alot? ive been afraid to take it after hearing how toxic it is. And about delayed gyno. How much did you gain off the superdroll you think. Just curious.

Why even bother with superdroll is you have access to real AAS?
I dont get it…

Cron391 is right. Superdrol is AWESOME as far as seeing quick results. If I were an actor and had to beef up to film a movie i would rock some superdrol. In the long term it isnt a smart move. Here are my experiences in my 2 cycles of Superdrol

first time… I was clueless about PH, and the guy running my local suppliment shop was an experienced bodybuilder. Him knowing I have used gear thought I was obviously going to run PCT with it, but his partner told me just to take take some herbal test booster to come off. I thought if i should run true PCT my guy would have interjected… The drol cycle ended…and i CRASHED. No dick, no energy, nothing. At the time I just finished training for “tactical” job, and I showed up on post like a piece of shit. no energy, always tired and cranky. I had blood work done and my test was in the toilet, and My liver numbers were bad. The doctor said they rivaled a good month of binge drinking.

Second Time… I RELIGIOUSLY used AI and DETOX (a milk thistle blend). Liver was fine, and No crash comming off with clomid what so ever. I drank arounda gallon and a half of water daily. Amazing strength and AWESOME results. I showed up for training at 210 and my superier was like “WTF lose weight asshole!”. My job training involved alot of swimming, running, and tactical things and they wanted me as light as possible for training…so I cute weight to 190-185…so i cant attest to keeping the gains. SIDE NOTE!!! The bottle had enough for 2 cycles so i gave it to my brother who followed my same regimine, only the dumbass was drinking about a litter-2 litters of water a day MAX. He had insane lower back pain, which was no doubt either his kidneys or liver tapping out.


If you do 1 or 2 cycles and follow the plan religiously i wouldnt worry. If you are a guido zyzz style guy who thinks he is bullet proof, STAY THE FUCK AWAY! you will fuck your shit up. Look at what happened to pro wrestler CW Anderson of the former ECW. He almost died, and ultimatly ruined his body and career from thinking he could mess around.

You claimed you used tren/Test E…
Are you claming that the superdrol gave better results than Test/Tren?
Just wondering why you would use Test E/Tren for your first 2 cycles…then go to drol?

Superdrol is a proper steroid, not a ph. Fwiw, the only troubling symptoms I’ve had on this, my first, cycle have been gyno related. I had preexisting gyno and wish like hell I’d at least gotten really lean, if not otherwise addressed my gyno. Take care of that shit first.

lol ya after hearing all that im glad i didn’t take superdrol. I heard its a mix between anadrol and masteron and it sounds exactly like that effect wise !

What kind of dosage will you be using in regards to test on cycle?

What I found really worked for me in clearing up minor gyno that I had accumulated on cycle was clomid + nolva for pct. 50mg/40mg ED respectively.

You definitely want to use an AI in any case where you have excess aromatization. And unless you are using a TRT dose of test, you will have excess aromatization (even if you are using a TRT dose, an AI might be in order).

My gains from test superdrol were similar to the tren gains. I HAVE NEVER seen bigger gains than a 14 week tren test cycle?.in fact my pics on here are 3 years old, and i CAN NOT BELIEVE that was me. I probably wont be touching tren or superdrol again however since both are extreme bastards to the body. Tren never let me sleep, my sex drive was a roller coaster ride, and it may or may not have been accosiated with some temporary heart problems that kept me from police academy. Superdrol gave me no problems as i stayed hydrated, did small bouts, and didnt fuck around on the stuff. Currently i am on a 750 test 500 EQ a week cycle. The eq seems to make no difference what so ever. i hear it takes time to work, but in all honesty i feel like i threw my money in the toilet with it. I would be more likely to do test superdrol again before any other stack . The liver toxicity is an issue, but just dont be an asshole on it. Dont drink, drink water, take the correct protection, and pct and i didnt have a problem my second round with superdrol.