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4th Best President


In case anyone missed this:

Now you know. That is all.


Note, he's not limiting himself to fourth place either - 'possibility' was the word he used; a 'possibility' that Lincoln achieved more. Good grief!


That's cute


Well, "getting things through" is hardly an endorsement, is it?

What did he get trough and how?

Though to be fair he did not claim to be a "better" president once.


And his poll numbers are climbing back up. Prepare for a second term by making your peace with it.


Serious question for you guys.

If The President is indeed climbing in the Polls (I think that it's just a "blip" in a series of meaningless surveys at this point...)

But for the sake of discussion...if the climb is "real"; how much of that can the GOP blame on themselves?

(Putting this all on the "Nanny-State" mentality of the U.S. is weak, by the way. I know plenty of people struggling who would not vote for the President to be the proverbial Dog Catcher).



But it's not weak. We want something 'cut,' until we start believing that the guy(s) running on doing so actually mean it. It's probably too late. The voter is unanchored from traditional civil society, realizing that he is more and more dependent on generous spending from cradle, to college, to grave.

Edit: Wealth redistribution has been a vote buying scheme. Well, it worked. It worked all too well. There may be no going back. Upwards and onwards until national bankruptcy.


I view the monetary collapse as a good thing. Some people need a wake up call from reality. But we will see.


States in the next 4 years we will become ungovernable. Might be just what we need.


This is frankly incredible.

In any event, the credit for the legislative accomplishments really belongs to Pelosi, not Obama. At best, Obama was a blocking tight end to Pelosi's quarterbacking of the health care bill. Obama did not build public support for it, and he was mostly irrelevant during the process. The only thing Obama did was not veto it.

If you needed any more proof that the number one priority of this president is to feed his narcissism, look no further. I mean, seriously - this statement is cartoonish.


What accomplishments did he make as far as foreign policy goes?

Serious question.


Absolutely a fair question. Winding down the wars was significant, but I am not sure they qualify as game-changing policy accomplishments, and there is nothign else that I can think of.


Using the original Bush timetables for the war so can't really give him credit for that either


Haha, that's what I thought. Figured I'd ask before taking a crack at him though!

I dislike him more and more every day!


If you don't support Ron Paul what does it matter if Obama gets reelected? How will things be different if an R wins?


He's keeping the neocons happy by continuing the Bush foreign policy -- mass murder of brown people.


Sure thing - if there is one thing Obama wants to accomplish, it's extermination of brown-skinned people.

Good Lord. If I was trying to intentionally caricature an idiotic Ron Paul supporter, I couldn't come up with stuff this ridiculous.


You are a racist to think that only a white president would do this.


Uh, no - I'm saying it's laughable that you think Obama has a motive to eliminate brown-skinned people.

Of course, it's laughable that you think Bush did, too - but to suggest Obama does is the height of idiocy.

But then again, you exceeded all the heights of idiocy we thought you capable of, so congratulations. You're a sort of an idiot overachiever.


And I never said he wanted to "exterminate" them. After all, if he did that what would there be left for our military to do?

Seriously, you need a course in reading comprehension, sparky.

Now, go color!


Strawman. I never said Bush wanted to do it. I said neocons like that he did it.