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4TH Acorn Pimp Vid. This Time in Ca



this gets better and better.


sad news, there is a rumour that this is the last one :frowning:


Mark my words, they won't be going anywhere. They have over 200 sub organizations and unless they kill all the satellite groups too they'll go on about their business, with our money, by shifting it around a bit more carefully.


I saw a statement by some big whig at ACORN claiming that nothing unlawful took place, since the loan never took place. He claimed they have 15 steps to getting a loan, and that something like a brothel would have been weeded out in the process. I really do hope they get shut down.


ACORN is one of the leftist wheels on the Democrat political vehicle. I doubt if there is anything at all that they could do that would put a serious dent in their machine. They will be protected to the death while the Dems are in control. The vote to not fund them will wind up meaningless when their tentacle outfits end up with it anyway.


Look on the bright side, if they need a lawyer, they already have Obama.


Seriously, what's wrong with you? These videos coming out are horrible and are exposing something that should be stopped immediately. You are cheering because they are affiliated with "the other side"... really?


The ACORN worker named Theresa on the tape, claims she killed her husband ON THE TAPE. Just wait til tomorrow, its supposed to get even better.

ACORN now made a statement claiming that Theresa felt threatened by this alleged pimp and hooker, and made up the story to try to scare them off LOL. It just gets better and better.


I liked the bit where she claims she was making 15k a week and didn't declare any of it.


your right. so where is the media? the president can comment on kanye west but not on this? More importantly, where is the media on the 7 people in the senate who thought this should continue on? And the list goes on. . .

Regardless of "sides" I always cheer when corrupt organizations are brought down. I am against corruption end of story, and this group in particular has shown itself to be like teflon when it comes to accusations of impropriety. the truth is that this organization should have been shut down years ago. Whats sad is that it took two people with a measly 1300 bucks to bring this to light in such a way that it is undeniably horrible. These groups are akin to fiefdoms ruled by oligarchies, using the people and making them reliant on them for there own financial and political gains.

the real question is why are you not happy that a corrupt organization is being exposed for what they are? Did you like it better when you could simply hide your head in the sand and pretend that only conservatives are horrible?


"happy?" You want me to be "happy" to learn of corruption?

Stop being a tool.


It's weird how CNN and all the ulta-left leaning news outlets are completely ignoring this story....Imagine if it was the RNC instead of ACORN. It would be like a swarm of flies on a dead opossum. What a bunch of hypocrites.


"The U.S. Senate voted 83-7 Monday night to attach an amendment to a must-pass spending bill that would bar Acorn from obtaining direct federal grants."

But they'll find help from their buddy Barry I'm sure...


Here's a better one:

"We're just community organizers just like the president used to be!"

So the president used to fund brothels huh .. thanks for the tip ACORN



You really don't pay attention in class do ya? FightingIrish already told us there is no significant media bias and there you are wasting your time with just the latest in a decades long mountain of evidence. It's the dunce cap fr you.


Irish drinks to much and is caught up in that Irish union the rich evil English overlords have screwed us so the successful rich guys must be bad thing. they sometimes get over it. See Reagan democrats.


ROFLMAO!!! LEARN of corruption he says!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Look pal, we have Barney Frank still in office after being caught with a gay prostitution ring including underage boys in his apartment. We have Robert Byrd, a former officer in the KKK. We have William Jefferson with dirty money in his freezer. We have Charlie Rangel, a tax evader and recipient of illegal funds. We've had a battalion of liberal politicians and ACORN with their hands in each others pants forever. We have BILL CLINTON with an intern in the oval office and then perjuring himself before the world receiving in substance the same penalty as Joe Wilson. We have 7 democrat senators including both from Illinois openly voting to protect ACORN already. I could induce carpal tunnel syndrome if I continued typing to the end and you are just now learning of corruption?

Yes, the GOP has there's too. The difference is they usually pay for it in at least some token way if not the destruction of their careers.

Oh yeah, forgive ME. I forgot that midnight swimmer Ted Kennedy.


Obama has a long history with Acorn. The msm has already decided not to cover the story no matter what. Pelosi refuses to let any debate come to the house floor about Acorn.

Welcome to government run by Liberal Democrats.

Can't say you weren't warned.


I have tried watching MSNBC and CNN, and there is no question about media bias. I have to change the channel soon after I start watching, I just can't stomach it.


There is not bigger scumbag than these democrat politicians. The media does not go after the story. The funny thing is all the usual liberal apologists are not around now. Kind of funny and two faced IMO.

Seriously, if GWB was involved with a group like acorn there would be such an outrage in the mainstream media right now. CNN, MSNBC, 60 Minutes etc. where are they?Why can't this be brought to the floor of the House.

Ain't nothing like a liberal Democrat scumbag thinking daddy, the mainstream media will take care of all their problems.