??4Bill:RE new MD6 & Ephedrine

Hey Bill, I have been using the old MD6 formula with great success. With your recommendations, I added 25mg of Ephedrine HCL and 200mg of caffeine to each serving of MD6, and got phenomal results. My question:with the reformulated MD6, do you still recommend to add 25 mg of Ephedrine HCL to each serving of the new MD6?

Also, I am stacking T2 with MD6 right now. I just wanted to know, should we take the T2 with MD6 at the same time, or should we take T2 with a meal? And is timing important for when you take T2 (like every 8 hours apart)?
Thank you for you time and help.

I’m interested i hearing this also…bumpin it up…I’m most interested in knowing if we can stack teh eph andcaffeine with Md6 and T2, i think if you could and throw in methoxy 7. A hypocaoric diet… you are on your way to low low bodyfat

Hey Joe, i just wanted to clarify something, are you using 25 mg of ephedrine for one or two capsules of the old md6. i was going to try this stack also but couldn’t find the faq’s on this question. thanks

Bill Roberts told me you want to add 25mg of Ephedrine and 200mg of caffien to 2 capsules of the old MD-6.
I find taking 2 Ripped Fuels and 2 MD-6 is the easiest way to accomplish this.

I also should add the “new” MD-6 with the ehedra is better than the old stuff & that I beleive you may want to add 200mg of caffiene but I really don’t think the new formula would require more ephedrine. (I don’t think you would see more as far as results are concerned.)

Joe, I wouldn’t add any ephedrine to the new MD6, unless you’re a real ephedrine fiend (with more tolerance than the average person.) MD6 has 20 mg of ephedrine per 2 capsules.

I wouldn’t think there is any importance to whether MD6 is taken with the same meal as T2 or a different one.

We are not really sure about the importance of timing of T2. The half-life, so far as we know, has not been measured. It might be that the timing doesn’t matter much, but on the other hand many users seem to feel they can tell differences according to when they take it, preferring to take it in evenly-spaced doses. So if you can do it, it’s the preferred way to go.

Bill, I’m not sure if I’m recalling this correctly but I could swear I remember seeing the half life was around 27-30 hours in mice at least. I am certain however, that both the onset of action and half life are both shorter with T2 than with T3 in humans. A few authors came to this conclusion. I think these characteristics of T2 are much more advantageous than T3 in terms of seeing results quicker as well as allowing TSH to get back to normal levels in a much faster manner.