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4AD vs. Mag10

OKay guys, I;ve tried most of Biotest’s line, but have yet to fool with the 4AD liquid. I was hoping someone could clue me in on how it stands in comparison to Mag10, or even Androsol (my personal favorite, which for some reason is no longer on the biotest order page).

I loved Androsol and probably went through 6 or 7 bottles over the last year. The last time I used it was for mass and the time before during dieting and it worked great. I felt great all the time. I needed less sleep. I really leaned out on the dieting and my libido went through the roof. I have been on 4 AD for 9 days now and I can say the same thing about 4 AD. I’m using it while dieting along with Myostat, T2Pro and will be switching from the old MD6 back to the new MD6 soon. I am getting lean fast. If you don’t like the 4 AD you can stock up on Androsol at some of the internet sites like dpsnutrition and netrition.

i was a big fan of androsol also. I think Fitrx has it for pretty damn cheap too.

ok,… but is it techincally the same ingredients, only in a more active oral form? I always had good results from the Androsol, but didn;'t respond especially well to the Mag10.

Stu- MAG-10 contains a type of 4-AD plus another pro-steroid. So to say that you didn’t gain as well on MAG-10 is like saying you did great on Test but not a Test and Deca stack, which is more “potent”.

However, I know what you mean. I think it has to do with getting much closer to a genetic limit or slowing period in gains. For example, a first time roid user on a Gramabol cycle may gain 25 pounds. He wouldn’t gain 25 the next time or the time after that. (If he did then he’d weigh 500 over a couple of years of using and that just doesn’t happen.) So even though MAG-10 is twice as powerful as Androsol – and a whole lot easier to use – if you’ve done a lot of Androsol/4-AD in the past, you may not get the kind of “newbie” gains a first time prohormone/pro-steroid user might. I think it’s a mistake to say “Androsol/4-AD worked better!” No, but you may have made better progress just because it was the first time using that type of product. Hope that makes some bit of sense!

I don’t miss Androsol much. It worked but I would always get dressed then remember to spray it on and have to get undressed again! Maybe I’m just brain dead but I did this once or twice a week. I have an order in for 4-AD-EC now.

The last time I used the androsol, I was only doing one dosing a day, and although I was dieting, looked like I actually might have put on some size (my arms stayed the same size even though I was losing weight). So I’m thinking of using a 1/2 does of the 4AD for 4 (instead of 2) weeks. Not in an attempt to blow up or anything, but just for the little ‘edge’ I feel the andro spray always gave me.

MAG claims there are no estrogen, gyno, DHT or hair loss side effects. What about 4AD-EC?

Everything Ive read about the androsol spray seems to say that it shouldnt be used without taking tribex after. Even with a 4 week break in between. On the otherhand I also read that mag 10 can be cycled without tribex as long as you wait 4 weeks instead of 2 in between. Is there something about mag 10 that results in a faster recovery after a cycle or was it that I just read an older article about androsol and they didnt determine that yet. Arnt they really the same thing? If anyone can understand my babble I would love to be set strait.

The Mighty Stu - taking a 1/2 dose should give you that extra edge that you are looking for. 4 weeks is completely reasonable and you could go longer at 1/2 dose or even full dose with minimal or no suppression or health issues. This is based on reports from the forum, Cy’s recent article and some of Bill Roberts’ posts.

sman - Since MAG-10 is 4AD-EC and A1E, you should not get any aromitization to estrogen, gyno, DHT or hair loss with 4AD-EC alone.

confused - I understand your confusion. Androsol or any 4-AD products are safe for long term use. The original (thus older) recommendations of taking Tribex after 4-AD were well intentioned, but from people's experience, blood tests, research, etc., 4-AD tends to be minimally suppressive to natural testosterone production if suppressive at all in some cases. MAG-10(A1E and 4-AD-EC) and androsol(4-AD) are different, but only because MAG-10 contains the oral version of 4-AD and another class I steriod A1E. MAG-10 is suppresive because A1E binds effectively to the androgen receptor. 4-AD is a class II steroid and does not bind well to the androgen receptor and this leads to minimal natural hormonal suppression. Hope this helps!

Hmnnnn ok,… answers a few of my questions. I’m presently dieting down, and although I;m not weighing myself frequently, I;m using my arm measurements and strength levels as a gauge of whether I’m losing an LBM. So far, using a bottle of androsol (1/2 dose a day for about 3 weeks), and currently a bottle of tribex, I’m down about 8 lbs, strength is still waqy up, and arms haven’t shrank one bit,… I’m gonna try the 4AD in a few weeks at a half dose, probably stretch through for 4 weeks. Letcha know how it goes. My goal is to get down to about 175/180, but keep my size. I’m presently about 186, but figure if I can get down that low, with my arms still at 16.5 I’ll be pretty content.

okay,… read up a bit,… ordered 3 bottles of 4AD, gonna use 1/2 dose a day and go for 12 weeks on and see what kind of effect it has on such a long term cycle.