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Trying to get feedback from T-Maggers who have experienced 4AD-EC 2 week cycles. Do you think 4AD-EC only is cost effective? Or…are longer cycles required to see benefits. Or…go with Mag 10 and forget 4AD?


The real advantage to 4-AD-EC is that it is relatively non-suppressing and can be used for longer cycles such as a cutting cycle with not much effect if any on natural T levels. On the other hand, Mag-10 is a much stronger supplement and will work much more effectively in a bulking cycle but can have some T inhibition if used for longer than the recommended 2 week cycles and in that case should be cycled off with Tribex, M, Methoxy, etc to rebalance hormonal levels. I would recommend 4-AD-EC for a cutting cycle (for up to 6-8 weeks) and Mag-10 for a 2 week bulking cycle. It’s obvious though, that 4-AD-EC cann’t build mass like Mag-10 (not that 4-AD-EC won’t build mass…just not as effectively as Mag-10).

To Heb: Thanks for feedback. Guess my expectations for mass building using 4AD-EC on a two week cycle were unfounded. I can see benefits for using 4AD for cutting cycle though. Thanks again for your comments.

Don’t get me wrong, 4-AD-EC is a mass builder but Mag-10 is stronger. If you already have 4-AD-EC, do this: Do a 2 week 4-AD-EC bulking cycle and note results. Then take a few weeks off and then do a 2 week Mag-10 bulking cycle. Let us know how they stacked up in lean mass and strength gains.

as with any good mass cycle go with a class 1 (AR binding) and class 2 (non-AR binding) androgen. That is what Mag-10 offers. laters pk