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4AD- Take it WHILE off mag-10?

Ok- so If you love the quick gains that mag-10 provides- but hate coming off of androgens all together- could you take 4AD along with tribex during your 2 weeks off from mag-10. I figure you could because they say 4AD is for long term use because it is non-suppresive, so would it interfere with recovery from a mag-10 cycle?

you could probably consider it like never coming off the 4-AD stuff. laters pk

I havent seen info on this question anywhere on the site, but do feel that it is relevant. I would appreciate any info.

It would really be a matter of experimentation. I’d expect some reduction
in recovery at the full label dose, but the reduction might be neglible at more moderate doses like 1/3 dose or maybe 1/2 dose. This is something that will take time to determine.

Even if full dose were possible while achieving recovery, I don’t think it’s the best thing to be “on” continually. I’d rather see people “off” at least half the time, simply because cycling as opposed to continuous use has a long track record of safety with pharmaceutical steroids.