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4AD solution

Dear Bill or Brock: While attempting to dissolve 4-androstenediol in benzyl alcohol, I was only able to achieve a minimal (20 mg/ml) concentration before the solution started to become opaque and take on the appearance of a suspension. I suspect that running this solution mixed with oil through a standard 0.2 micron sterile syringe filter would result in removal of most of the 4-AD. Is a hydrophobic chain ( such as is attached to 4-AD-EC)required to attain reasonable concentrations of 4-AD in benzyl alcohol? Thanks

No, the problem is that your 4-AD, as is
typical of most of it, is crap and includes
a great deal of crap in it. That’s why your
solution was cloudy even though little 4-AD
had yet been dissolved.

Nonetheless, you really don’t want to make
an oil solution of 4-AD anyway. As mentioned
before, its duration of action would be only
a few hours.