4AD/Mag10 Dieting

Ok, I know that this has been covered before, but the forum search doesn’t seem to be working with any search terms that have numbers in them. Anyway, any of you that have tried cutting while on Mag10 or 4AD, please tell me your experiences, and what kind of macronutrient ratio you used. I’m curious if it’s worth the money (I want to drop twenty pounds or so before I go to puerto rico in january). Thanks in advance!

I had extremely good results with 4-ADEC
( 6 week cyle gained 5 lbs on scale but lost 13 lbs of stubborn bodyfat) I was even upping my calories and carbs by an additonal 350-500 calories above my desired caloric intake. I kind of had a hard time controlling my appetite though (I guess it makes you extremely hungry). I think 4-ADEC (next to methoxy-7) is one the best products i have ever used for fast and awesome results ( imagine the results on a 8-12 week lbm gaining program)

There should be an interesting article regarding this topic posted at T-mag this weekend.

Until whatever article Joel is making subtle reference to hits the site, you can try this for some ideas:


Hope this helps.

Thanks, I think I may go ahead and invest in some 4AD. I have read the steroid dieting article, but I was looking for more personal experiences, rather than straight protocol/scientific discussion. Thanks though!

MDOG, thanks for your input. I’ll give it a shot!

I’d go with methoxy-7. In the two and a half weeks that I have been using it I have lost about 3 inches in my waist but still maintained my weight. Every muscle group is getting harder and more defined already. Hell use them both. You may not really loose much weight but you will get rid of the fat.