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4AD For Better Recovery

I know some folks who used androstiendiol because of its short active life for improving recovery without any suppression problems. This is valuable when an athlete is involved in a sport that has a period of high volume demand. It certainly wasn’t as effective as being “on” all the time, but it suited the goals. Has anyone come up with a protocol for MAG-10 or 4AD for improving recovery over a long period of time? Would a 2 day on 4 day off cycle of 4AD be supressive? Perhaps 1 day on 3 days off? Ideally such a pattern would not divide evenly into 7 days so the days on rotates from week to week. Anyone have any thoughts?

Yup. I think you should take ~300mg of 4AD with no ester first thing in the morning. Use an anti-e at night. This will increase androgen levels at the same time that they are supposed to be highest, and by night they will fall to normal levels. This should cause very little if any HTPA suppresion. Just remeber the anti-e at night to keep E levels from rising. This protocol will give a little cortisol suppression and a small increase in glycogen storage and muscle repair/recovery. Use it for as long as you need to, considering that your over 21…cause if your younger then you already produce enough T on your own.