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4AD-EC vs Androsol

How many servings of 4AD-EC would I have to take to equal 70 sprays, 2X/day of Androsol. If its two, I take it a bottle of the new 4AD lasts only a week?

It is one to one and a half, with variation according to the individual. If one dose as is probably case more often than not, then the bottle lasts two weeks, about 2 days more than Androsol; and if 1.5 doses, then about 9 days, or about three days less. It more or less works out equal in terms of cost-effectiveness at usual prices.

However, at the blow-out prices I’ve heard some retailers are offering for Androsol, it’s a steal and you get incredible bang for your buck, so if you are fine with applying the spray (it truly is no big deal but some reason kept sales down) then I’d recommend that route.