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4AD-EC results thus far +Q

I started 4-AD-EC 4 days ago, and already I am beginning to notice a change in my appearance. My muscles seem fuller, I am slightly more agressive and my sense of well-being has increased noticably. No strength or weight gain yet, but I am only taking in maintainance + 700kcal per day so I am not storing tons of glycogen or and only want to gain around a pound of muscle a week. My real goal is to gain 5 lbs of muscle and lose 5lbs of fat, which would make a noticable difference in my physique. I think this would be acheivable in 8 weeks provided I keep a 40/40/20 diet with good EFAs and solid training.

My question is would it be worth it to use arimidex at .25mg EOD throughout the 8 week 4AD EC cycle? I am extremely sensitive to estrogen, and I have used arimidex +yohimbe in the past to get rid of chest/lovehandle/hip fat with great success. Will using arimidex throughout and post cycle help to alleviate a dramatic HPTA crash? Keep in mind that money is not a concern--I already have the arimidex and can obtain it for little money. I seem to do better WRT body composition when using it, especially off cycle. Some external input would be welcome.

Any comments are appreciated.

There’s really no need to use Arimi if you’re not seeing the sides related to E. If it will make you feel better, go for it… but I’d save the Arimi until you decide to start shooting T.

Whatever value Arimidex was to you when 4-AD-EC
was not being used, it should be for the most part of the same
value when it is being used, whether that’s
zero or whether it was significant, as apparently was the case for you.

The exception is that if the value you experienced was due to increase of natural testosterone, that benefit would likely not be experienced or not to the same degree.