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4AD EC dose timing

Is there a specific time of day to take the seving of 4AD EC? Maybe first thing AM, or pre-workout? Thanks.

probably doesnt matter since its activity is very long lasting.

It likely doesn’t matter as you will experience the effects of the 4AD as more and more of it is slowley introduced into the body (for instance I usually notice the size and strenth gains after a week or so on Mag10 or 4AD), unlike MD6 or PowerDrive where the effects are apparent soon after taking it. To the best of my knowlege timing (morning, afternoon, with or without food) has no effect although this is a blind guess.

Maybe Berardi, Cy, or some of the frequent posters on the steroids board can help you a little better…

I would only suggest taking it with your first meal because it can have stimulating effects and may interrupt sleeping patterns. Otherwise Goldberg is exactly right, if it doesn’t have this effect on you it doesn’t matter when you take it but try to make it the same time every day.