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4AD EC Dosages

I am an endurance athlete, and I am trying to gain some power and strength in my running while losing these 7-8extra lbs of body fat. I have 4 bottles fo 4AD EC and 2 T2 Pro. If I am running 40-50 miles per weeks, what would the best dosage be for the 4AD EC? 1 time per day for 8 weeks, or 2 times per day for 4 weeks? Gotta get in shape and loose these love handles…

Go to the photo section of this forum and check out the pic of Mr. 8 Pack, George J. He’s a runner and talks about what he does down in the replies to his photo.

Check out Biotest’s Methoxy. Not only is it anabolic, I have read that it increase O2 utilization. I run, though not as much as you, and have felt a noticable difference in my endurance and percieved exertion with Methoxy.

One dose of 4-AD-EC per day is plenty for endurance athletes. This product is a great choice for you, too. Depending on your diet, you’ll likely get leaner and stronger. Plus, if you use it long enough you may notice an increase in red blood cell count.

Like poohbaya stated, Methoxy-7 would also be a great addition to your supplement regime.

Shiuld I just not use the 4AD EC and go witht he Methoxy or will I still get the better benefit from and “androgen?”

I think you’ll see better results with 4-AD-EC alone than with Methoxy-7 alone, but the only way you’ll ever know for sure is to experiment with both seperately.

I have been reading all this stuff about how high dosages of Methoxy are so incredible and I was wondering if it would work in conjuction with the 4AD EC in a long term 8 week plan. I too am an endurance athlete but I am training the the ARMY. I run 6 days per week, and I do very rigorous PT 6 days per week. would it benefit me to take both? Or would one over power the other? Thank you for your help.