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4ad-ec at night?

I was thinking about taking 4-ad-ec at night, before bedtime. My logic is this – sleep represents your body’s most active period of repair, right? So, even though 4-ad-ec is supposed to be running around your blood stream for about 24 hours, I still think the first 12 hours after a given dose would still have more activity than the second 12 hours. Given that 4-ad-ec isn’t very suppressive and doesn’t have any significant estrogen conversion…hold on, let me pull this theory out of my ass, here it is…the higher levels of the pro-steriod in my bloodstream would contribute to enhanced nighttime muscle regrowth/rebuilding. Anyone want to sink my battleship before I try this little experiment? Or is it worth giving a shot? Or would it probably not matter either way? Thanks in advance

Shameless bump…would there be ANY disadvantages to taking the 4-ad-ec at night? And is my theory regarding possible advantages viable in the least?

I’ve just started using up my supply of old- school androsol at night, for pretty much the same reasons that you suggested. I’m hoping that it will reduce the effects of elevated midnight cortisol, and mitigate the extended (8 hour) lack of protein intake while I’m sleeping. Also i work out in the evening, so I want the androsol in my system as soon as possible, to get the muscle- building process underway ASAP. I remember reading on this board that guys using Androsol only once per day used it in the mornings to best effect, but that was before they found out that 4AD doesn’t cause inhibition. However, like you say, the 24 hour life of 4ad- ec should render the administration time academic.

Anyone else have some feedback on this topic? Just got my 4-AD-EC in the mail yesterday, planning on doing 1.5 doses/day. Should I take one dose in the morning and .5 dose in the evening or all at once? Bill?

I know a lot of people have been splitting their mag 10 dosage up like that so it shouldn’t hurt to do the same thing with 4 AD-EC and you’ll most likely get better results although kind’ve like with androsol usage you could probably get away with doing a longer cycle by limiting it to morning only usage. Your idea does make some sense however by using it at night you’re also going to suppress your own natural T levels more and you might also have a hrad time falling asleep.