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Bill, I've got some 4AD capsules I plan to empty and mix with DMSO. Your thoughts on dosage protocols? I know it isn't Androsol but if anyone knows how to do this right, it's you..


No, I don't really know, not having ever
done it. I don't think it would be a very
good method because, unlike the case with
Fina, you have to deliver quite a lot of
4-AD to get a good effect. At the very least
I think you'd want to use 200 mg/day divided
over at least two, preferably four applications. You might need several
times that.

You'd use about as little DMSO as you could.
This may be hard to judge because if you
have capsules, the filler is likely cornstarch, which won't dissolve in the DMSO,
so it will be hard for you to tell when you've
dissolved all the 4-AD.

As a guess, I'd think one mL of DMSO could
dissolve 200 mg of 4-AD but I could be
quite wrong on that (solubilities in DMSO are hard to guess.)