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4AD banned?

I notice 4AD as one of the new products on this site. Wouldn’t this be banned along all the other andro?

If and when PH/PS are banned, yes 4AD will be among the group.

Hope this helps.


"WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted on Thursday to limit sales of steroid precursors such as androstenedione…

The bill, passed 408-3, would ban over-the-counter sales of precursors, which act like steroids in the human body."

This article suggests that the bill is general enough to go after anything that purports to be anabolic. I would have thought 4-AD-EC would fall into that category. I could probably research this question and find out, but there are people who already understand why Biotest is doing this. Remember that this is the company that dumped its Mag-10 in a hurry because legislation was PENDING. So why put the time and effort and money into developing a new version of 4-AD-EC and release it right after the legislation takes a huge step closer to becoming law?

Don’t get me wrong: I think this is GREAT! I just wonder how long it will be around, and what the legal distinction is between this and Mag-10 and what the legislation is going after. Hell, I stocked up on Mag-10 from this and other sites before it went away. I’ll start saving and purchase 4-AD-EC, as well. But will it be around for long?

I don’t think my confusion is unfounded.

I believe it was stated in a previous post regarding Mag-10 that once the product was banned the manufacturer/retailer would be allowed to sell their existing inventory but must stop production.

Hope this helps.

Is 4AD as effective as mag10?

Does 4 AD-EC = Mag-10?

In the short term, no. The difference between them, however, was made up for (in the opinion of some) because 4 AD-EC did not cause testosterone suppression the way Mag-10 did. Therefore, you could use it for a cycle LONGER than the suggested 2 weeks, which many considered to be far more useful for gains.

The cool thing about this current incarnation is that, at 6 capsules/day (3 in the a.m. and 3 several hours later), this bottle is a 70-day cycle! Would someone USE it for 70 days straight? Hmm. Probably not, because I suspect that such a long time on it WOULD wreak havoc with the endocrine system.

But consider: this bottle contains 5 two-week cycles, for about $30 each. AND it uses the new transport system, which is supposed to get up to 30% more of the supp into your bloodstream where it needs to go. In terms of cost comparison, this absolutely blows the old stuff out of the water!

What does “certified prototype” mean?

I hope they post some more information on this product soon.

Looking at an old bottle of 4AD-EC I had laying around, I see that each serving contains 200mg. The new formula is only 100mg per serving and allows only 1 dose/day where the old one allowed 2 doses, which would be 400mg vs 100mg.

It’s possible that the propylcarbonate ester contains more base 4-AD than the diethylcarbonate ester they used previously, but I’m not a chemist. Otherwise, the deilivery system would have to be 4 times more effective to get the same blood levels of 4AD achieved by the previous formula (or 8 times more effective for “double the feel”) from the 6 capsule max dose vs 2 9ml servings of 4AD-EC.

Now it’s pulled from the website. Glad I ordered my bottle yesterday. Hopefully the powers that be will update us on what is/was up.