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49yr Old - 6 Months In - Journey To Better Me


Hey guys, Im 49 years old, been weight training for 15 years, not very seriously just done it mainly to try and stay in shape. My body would change as diet changed but fall and winter I would always fatten back up. Its been only the last couple years I realized how very important consistent nutrition is. In fact its the key that unlocks all the fitness doors. This year I made the commitment to be the best me I have ever been in my life and get in the best shape I have ever been in. So far, it has been a success. But now I want more. I started the journey in February of this year. My doc put me on TRT therapy that has basically changed my life inside and out. Overall quality of life is where I was in my 20’s to 30’s :smile: I am now dieting pretty hard at a calorie deficit type diet (around 1800-1900 a day), but realize I need to make some changes. Maybe, go to a carb cycling diet and get a few more calories of quality foods in hopes to energize metabolism more. I work out 5-6 days a week now with 2 body part split each day. 20-30 mins of HIIT training on lifting days and 40 mins of steady state cardio on non-training days. I can post workouts if needed. I note that I need to still reduce belly fat and bring troubled areas up to par but any input is greatly appreciated. If you guys need any additional input please let me know. I am looking to make this thing a serious opportunity for a major change.

Starting weight in February 2016 was 235. Current weight is 214. Age 49. Height 5-10.

Christmas 2015:

A little bit older pic but you get the idea.

May 2016:

July 2016:


Great transformation! Keep up the good work.


Must be hatd work an premium trt good results


Thanks Chicken! Its been a great journey so far. Work will continue!


Thanks strongman! It has surely been hard work. Need to make some changes now in both diet and training. I seem to have hit a proverbial wall.


Wow, amazing transformation


Thanks Ecto, its been a fantastic journey so far. Still have a way to go but I am currently making some diet and training changes. I Need to get better definition now!


Great progress! Keep it up!


Bad ass man. Giving this old guy hope and I need to work harder!!! Keep it up!