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49ers Rule !

How about those 49ers! What a comback / choke!


Made my day finding out that they had won!

Just a crazy weekend in the NFL (but hey, what’s new). Saturday was a day of blowouts, Sunday was a day of incredible comebacks.

So you didn’t even watch the game huh?

I watched the game off and on yesterday until late in the third. You know I do work on Sundays (art work), and that requires my concentration. So, it’s either make extra $$ or watch football.

Didn’t realise you worked on Sunday’s. Sorry


Let me see the Niners do that against Tampa’s D this weekend. And J-E-T-S J-E-T-S J-E-T-S will get spanked by the Raiders.

Maybe the 49ers can get some more no-calls this weekend. Just kidding, they deserved that game. But unfortunately for the NFL, Hallmark doesn’t make “Sorry we blew a call that cost you a shot at winning a playoff game!” cards.

Jets are going to get spanked by the Raiders. And then through the AFC Championship and on to the Superbowl like they should have been last year.

Yes the RAIDAHS will kill the jets, the 49ers (I went to school with their starting tight end Eric Johnson out of Yale, so i may be biased)will upset the bucs, im an eagles fan and they SHOULD win but mike vick is the bo jackson of the millenium, and who cares about the steelers titans, i hate both of them, (but like the bus) both have shitty qb’s… Oh mcnair is so tough he plays everyweek, but of course hes too banged up to practice with the team, and tommy maddox, ok, at least we dont have to watch Kordell “Choke in the big games” Stewart… hmmmm im in a bad mood here huh?!?

That’s right, were not getting screwed like last year. werer going to sweep the jets at home again. i was at the monday night game! possible battle of the bay? If only my A’s would have won, just think it would have been A’s giants world series, then the raiders and whinners super bowl. barry bonds will be the Dan marino of base ball, chit load of records but no ring baby. bwahahahaha

The Jets

Considering how pathetic the Giants play was in the second half (I watched the entire game) the dreadful call at the end of the game almost seems like punishment. There are games I consider comebacks and others simply lost.

In this case I consider it a blown game by the Giants rather than viewing from a 49er comeback standpoint. Its not as if the 49ers were creating spectacular plays but more total complacency, indifference, and simply terrible decision making caused the Giants downfall.

The Bills-Oilers playoff game of 1992 comes to mind. Though that game was even worse. The Giants desrved to lose after playing so bad IMO and while many will make a huge deal (I did initally myself as the missed-call was so obvious a blind man could almost see it) I think the Giants got their just deserts.

There is no excuse for not even showing up for 20-25 minutes of the game. Lets hope no more games are played like this one this weekend.

I hope you San Fran fans enjoyed last week…that’s all the enjoyment you’re going to get the rest of the playoffs! BUCS IN THE BOWL!!! JETS in the AFC making for my dream Super Bowl!!!

OK where are all the GAAAY JETs fan now. not that there’s anything wrong with that. your lucky curtis martin showed up, he was the only offense.lol

What a DISGUSTING showing.

I’m still here…just had to mourn for a day. Anyway, all is not lost as my Bucs are still going strong and will get REDEMPTION for Pennington and the crew. Look out, Raiders!

Can’t see how the Bucs are gonna win in Philly. The combination of the cold weather, boisterous, rowdy crowd, and the blitzing of the Eagles has destroyed the Bucs in recent years. They still have the same type of team that for some reason just doesn’t match up well with the Eagles.

The bucs just play more agressive now. why’s that? they have our old coach! what was the score the last time the bucs played the raiders? 44-3 or something like that. i wish them luck against the eagles, only because it would be so nice to beat gruden in sand diego. my zips be so fluffy…