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495 Deadlift After 6 Months Training


5 plates in 6 months sequel to my "440 in 4 months"


Great progress! What are your other lifts like and how do you train your deadlift?


330 squat
245 bench

2x5 + 1Xamrap deadlift, until I get to my 5RM then 4 week peaking

After dl I do rack pulls (pin 2 or 3 on squat rack) then 45 deagree barbell back raise like Pete rubish does.


Awesome progress!

With that said don’t drop the bar, lower the bar.

  1. It will get you red lighted at some comps.
  2. It could clip your leg or bounce into you.


330 squat vs 495 deadlift is a huge difference. Focus on getting your squat up, will help keep the deadlift progressing