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49 Y/O, Started TRT with Questions and Lab Results

Ok, Ive been reading as much as I can on these forums and decided to start treatment.
Briefly about myself: 49 YO male that was experiencing all the symptoms of low T. My biggest complaint being low libido. I got tested by my GP and was told I was normal. No luck with him. I went to an anti aging clinic that “specializes” in TRT. I was tested in house and was informed my T level was at 161and had low T. I started treatment immediately and was given 150mg for my first shot and 125mg every week. I wasn’t given HCG as I was told they would decide after they got my blood work. They called me a few days later and said my test were good, no HCG needed but I could request it if I felt my testes were shrinking. Also was told to take .5 of Arimidex.
Returned for my second shot earlier this week and was told to take the Arimidex on the days I get my shot.
I haven’t felt anything spectacular. Probably the contrary as I feel no motivation at times. I work construction and have no motivation to go to the gym after work. Libido is the same, maybe a slight spike after the shot, but could be just in my mind.
What do you experienced guys think? I really will appreciate all your input.

If you’ve been reading this forum then you are aware that injecting once per week is sub optimum. You will get peaks and valleys in hormone levels which makes labs a function of timing. You also did not include your T levels on that lab result. Your E2 as it shows is too low. That will cause all kinds of symptoms. Again, labs are not very helpful when you inject once per week. You will also want hcg. Don’t wait until your nuts atrophy!

TRT effects will take up to 6 weeks to kick in. Some start feeling them earlier. Don’t fret a only 2 weeks in, for me it took a month. You need more comprehensive lab work.

Ask to be self injecting T twice a week and take anstrozole at time of injections.

See the stickies that I suggested in the other post, days of reading.

Check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky to eval overall thyroid function. This T-shop is not interested in your overall health.

Post all labs with ranges. Did they really test T or fake it?

That is my concern KSman. I will cram all the stickies you posted, but it can be overwhelming. But I will figure it out.
The clinic claims the have an in house test for T. They are not opposed to twice a week. Should I ask to split next week as I just ok my shot today?
They are not opposed to self injection. Actually it’s what they recommended but I was just a little leary and requested them to do it. I will self inject or have my wife do it.
Looking forward to your insight. Much appreciated.