49 on Andro Gel, Recovering from Brain Injury

Hello everyone. I read the stickys and like to see if I can be guided.
I was injured in 2000 and have been recovering since then from Traumatic Brain Injury.
I gained almost 100 lb after the accident to over 320. After weaning off anti depression meds in 2009 I lost 50 lb, and now weigh 270. Im 5’ 9" and would like to get down to my pre-accident weight of around 200 lb. I was muscular back then now just fat. I do walk about 10-12 miles per week and do running sprints of about 2 minutes during the walks.
I take supplements and my temperature is normal

My blood test results

From 1-16-2013 Family doctor. Prior to TRT therapy

Total cholesterol 177
Tryglycerides 124
HDL 38 (low)
LDL 114
Factor .90( high)

Sodium serum 139
Potassium 4.1
Chloride 107
C02 23
Glucose 88
BUN, serum 19 (high)
Creatinine, serum 0.9
Total Protein 7.0
Albumin 3.9
Calcium 8.7
AST 15
Alkaline Phosphatase 42 (low)
Total Bilirubin 0.4
ALT 26
A/G ratio 1.3
Osmolality Calc 279
Anion Gap 9

PSA 0.56
Homocysteine/ Cysteine serum 9.0
TSH 1.52

Blood work from 5-17-2013 by endocrinologist after being on TRT therapy for 3 months

Free Testasterone 109
Pregnenolone 34
Insulin like growth factor 249 (high)
Estradol 29
TSH 1.34 ( went down 18 points from January test)
Prolactin 5.0
Cortisol - am 6.8
T3 Free 3.12
T4 Free 1.09
LH 0.4
FSH 1.3

I have urinary flow problems and take PROSTATE REVIVE by medix select and TESTO-REX by Bionutricals to lower estrogen.
Additionally I take the following made by SAN (Stop aging now)
Brain Energizer
Multi Vitamin
DHEA by natrol 50 mg once a week

I take following medications:
Benicar 20mg for blood pressure
Simvastatin 10 mg for cholestrol
Aspirin 81mg
Zyrtec 10mg for allergies

I eat healthy and dring only black coffee in the morning and water with fresh lemmon the rest of the day. I dont eat white bread but do like ice cream couple of times a week. However my excersize burns off more calories then I consume and Im still stuck with belly fat I can not get rid off.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

New Blood Work 6-13-2013

Testosterone 579
Free Testosterone 136
Estradiol 26
DHEA-S 151
Insulin like Growth Factor 205

Temperature in 97.5 range. Started taking Iodine supplements.

TRT is Andro Gel 1.0 with 4 applications. 2 on shoulders and 2 on stomach.


Do you gave a low grade chronic cough now or before CoQ10?
Do you have DHEA-S lab work?
Please use [edit] in corner of your post above and add lab range data.

Post body temperatures and iodine intake as per the stickies please. “Normal” is not useful.

What is your TRT protocol?

TRT often lowers cholesterol so you need to retest that and revisit doses if needed. Total cholesterol of 180 is ideal. Please not lower.

What are your blood pressure issues.

I used to have a chronic annoying cough. Its gone now.
Endo does not want to do dhea-s test. Will try asking again. He says my insuling-growth hormone is high and will be retesting for that.

My temperature actually is running 97.9 mid day.

Andro-gel 1.0 everyday in the morning 4 pumps ( 2 on shoulders and 2 on stomach area)

I stopped the cholesterol medication and feel better just from that.

I have started taking anastrozole for estrogen. 1/4 of 1 pill every other day. Feel like I have more energy now.

Without meds it goes in to 160/95 range. I’m on the lowest dose of 20 mg. I was thinking about possibly cutting the 20mg in half and seeing if I stay in normal levels.

I will update the above blood work as soon as I get it done.

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

Statin drugs change enzyme pathways in the liver to reduce cholesterol production. However, the same enzyme pathways are needed to produce CoQ10. So you may have had a CoQ10 deficiency. You may also have feel weakness in your muscles or pain. Can also cause mental confusion.

Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 has really better bio-availability.

You have some problems with thyroid function. Please read the thyroid basics sticky.

Note different potencies of statin drugs:

Free Testosterone 109 - what range?

Add fish oil
high potency B complex multi-vit with trace elements and iodine
natural source vit-D
5000iu vit-D3, find tiny oil base caps [avail WalMart]

How old are you?
read the advice for new guys sticky

I updated my blood results on first post. Started Iodine supplements and Vitamin D. Tried getting off Statin drug and got sick. Back on it. Going to start cutting pills and weane myself off slowly.